Digvijaya Singh, General Secretary of AICC Blogs About Social Media Abuse From RSS

Digvijaya Singh, General Secretary of All India Congress Committee in his latest blog talks about how he is being bullied on social media constantly by RSS and Narendra Modi supporters.

Social media is a double-edged sword. One can’t avoid brick bats and if you are a popular figure then chances are very bleak. With the general elections coming close, influential political figures have opened their presence on social media. Digvijaya Singh, General Secretary of All India Congress Committee is one of the active politicians on social media, but at the same time, he is also one of the most bullied politicians on the medium.

digvijay-singhHe is aware of the various acronyms that people tag him with such as ‘Dogvijaya Singh’, ‘Pigvijaya Singh’, etc. In his latest blog post, he talks about the same as he believes that this is the work of Sanghis and the paid professionals hired by Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi, operating from Sanskar Dham in Manipur and Sanand near Ahmedabad.

The blog post concentrates on why he thinks that he is not anti-Hindu. The post further descries his religious values and how he follows the religion.

I am a practicing Hindu. I was given Diksha by His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Dwarka and Joshi Math in 1983.I regularly pray every day for half an hour and have been doing this since 1969 when I was given Gayatri Mantra after I got my ‘Yagyo Pavit Sansakar’.

I have nine temples at my residence at Raghogarh in Guna District MP. Pooja is performed every day according to the traditions as prescribed by my religion. This has been going on for more than 14 generations in all the above temples.

 He also makes sure that he takes a dig on BJP’s Hindutatva, before he winds the blog post:

BJP’s Hindutatva has nothing to do with Religion but a ploy to dupe unsuspecting Hindus. As a good practicing Hindu, it is my duty to stand up to all the falsehood the Sanghis and their paid professionals are spreading against Muslims, Christians and other Minority Groups.

The blog post is nothing but a propaganda, although it is a smart move. No one can deny the fact that today news or controversy is being created on social media. However, addressing key issues on a blog is always better than ranting on social networks.

Political debates and battles have taken to social media these days. Recently, Lok Sabha leader of BJP, Sushma Swaraj took a dig at the Uttarakhand Chief Minister on Twitter for his incapability of handling the recent crisis. In return, she received a strong reply from the Congress ministers such as Manish Tewari and Ajay Mekan.

Blogging about being bullied on social media not only clears the mist on the issue, but also helps score brownie points on the ongoing online war. Brace yourselves, as we are going to witness much more with the 2014 elections inching closer.

Image courtesy: www.topnews.in