A 5-Point Digital Technologies Wishlist That Can Have A Big Impact On Ordinary Indians - Shubho Sengupta

Shubho Sengupta wishes it were ridiculously easy for startups to kick off, in his 5 point Digital Technologies wishlist that can impact ordinary Indians' lives for the better

Editor’s Note: We are half way through the first month of 2016, budgets will be rolled out soon, a perfect time to know the wishlist of folks from the industry – agency and brand folks. Shubho_SenguptaLighthouse Insights reached out to some of them and here is the third article from Shubho Sengupta, co-founder of a healthcare startup to be launched soon. Also a brand consultant in the digital space. In his past life, he worked for ad agencies like Ogilvy and clients like Coca-Cola. He runs, cycles and Nordicwalking. You can follow him on Twitter – @shubos

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2016 wishlist? I’ll avoid the 360-degree immersive video content, multi-sensory storytelling, IoT, and so on. There are better, more qualified industry friends to do the honours.

Instead, let me write about where Digital Technologies can have a big, big impact on lives of ordinary Indians.

Om Money Padme Hum

No more looking for that damned credit or debit card with 10000 numbers that has to be typed in. My mobile, my money – all seamlessly linked together.

Traditional Healthcare meets Tech

Connect traditional medicine doctors (eg. Ayurveds) and patients in real time, in a live Whatsapp type environment. All healthcare records for patients in a Cloud, linked with the govt’s Digilocker. A young Dibrugarh mom with a coughing child has a video chat with an Ayurved in Kota. In a moving bus.

Video 4 Naukri

Life skills, rather… vocational training for India’s young unemployed millions, through a video-backboned online-offline training school. Think the world’s best plumbers coming out of here, plumbers who can be employed anywhere in the world.

Bhaag India Bhaag

Technology that makes adult Indians fitter. India’s is going through an epidemic – whether you call it obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, whatever… Indians are seriously unfit. I’m looking forward to tech innovations that enable communities to come together. eg. mothers who want to go back to pre-child fitness levels.

Free Lunches

Make it ridiculously easy for startups to kick off. A startup shouldn’t even need Re 1 to launch. No licence, no nothing required to go live (pre-transaction). Let’s call it FreeBasics!