A 6-Point Digital Marketing Wishlist From Graffiti Collaborative For 2016

Shweta Thakur, Director at Graffiti Collaborative would like to see a new social media platform which works purely on content, as part of her wishlist for 2016


Editor’s Note: We are half way through the first month of 2016, budgets will be rolled out soon, a perfect time to know the wishlist of folks from the industry - agency and brand folks. Lighthouse Insights reached out to some of them and here is the first article from Shweta Thakur (& team), Director at Graffiti Collaborative - a creative agency based in Bangalore. You can follow her on Twitter - @thakurtho.

Rise of a New Social Media Platform

On Facebook, it is nearly impossible to reach out to your target audience without spending on media budgets. Even if your content is good, it will not get the exposure it deserves. We have reached a stage where budgets being used on digital media are at par with the budgets used on mainline campaigns. For 2016, we would like to see a new social media platform which works purely on content. Good content would mean good reach, hence all the brands would have a level playing field.

No Paid Trending on Twitter

2015 saw the introduction of paid trends which allowed brands to trend their hashtags for a fee. Though this is good news for brands, it sounds unfair if there is more than one brand which trying to organically push out great content on the same day. Also, paid trending doesn’t automatically ensure that the content being pushed out is good! For 2016, we would like to see this feature being disabled. Let the best content trend!

Effectively Reaching out to Tier II and Tier III Cities

Even though Tier II and Tier III cities are seeing a 58% YOY growth in the internet user base, we are still seeing digital campaigns being focused on the metros and the Tier I cities. Currently, the content being pushed out to them on digital seems to be the same that is being pushed out to the Tier I cities. With a large untapped market lying at our disposal, in 2016 we would like to see brands focus on reaching out to Tier II and Tier II cities with tailor made campaigns.

Digital Campaigns with a Mainline Leg

As of 2015, a brand starts a mainline campaign and comes to the digital agency to add a digital leg to it. With digital media giving measurable ROIs for marketers, traditional brands don’t seem to view it at par with mainline media. For 2016, we would like to see more digital led marketing campaigns which get adapted for mainline. Possibly, the trend has started already with brands pushing out TVCs on YouTube first and then the channels.

Engagement on Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is catching on like the plague. We have Google Glasses, Moto 360, Apple Watch, to name a few. With these devices monitoring our daily activities, can we look at innovative ways of interacting with this information? Let’s say, you have just finished a 5K run, as digital marketers, can we interest you in a refreshing green tea or a low calorie healthy recipe to keep you energized?  Or let’s say, based on your location and the time of the day, you get suggestions for places to eat nearby. With effective targeting, services such as these would be more personal and effective.


Another Twitter wishlist! Recently there was an announcement that the character limit for tweets will be lifted from 140 to 10,000 characters! While it might bring smiles to users who love elucidating their tweets, we for one, would like character limit to stay at 140. What makes Twitter unique is the character limit, which challenges us to push out information in a concise and a crisp manner. If the character limit was increased, Twitter would not be any different from either Facebook or Google+. So what is the point in being present on this platform? Let us keep things simple and stick to 140 characters!

These were our Digital Marketing wishlist picks for 2016. What is yours?