A 5-Point Digital Marketing Trends Wishlist From Mitchelle Carvalho For 2016

As much as acquiring a consumer's eyeball is everything, more 'need' and less 'want' based digital advertising must be the long-term objective writes Mitchelle Carvalho in her 2016 digital wishlist


Editor’s Note: We are half way through the first month of 2016, budgets will be rolled out soon, a perfect time to know the wishlist of folks from the industry – agency and brand folks. Lighthouse Insights reached out to some of them and here is the fourth article from Mitchelle Carvalho, Co-Founder at Cogmat – a digital agency based in Mumbai and Hong Kong. You can follow her on Twitter - @mitchellejc

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2015 has been witness to many firsts; whether it was #ShareACoke with a customised Coke Bottle emoji on Twitter or Social Banking that brought about a new dimension to social commerce in Mitchelle_CarvalhoIndia, giving the BFSI sector something more to engage their customers with; digital media has been gaining major momentum with marketers and consumers alike.

We’ve come a long way from running campaigns for increasing Facebook “likes” to running niche consumer engagement campaigns online.

In my opinion, here is what I feel that brands and other marketers should talk and address in 2016.

Digitally-exclusive communication

We’re pretty much the bastard child when it comes to setting communication objectives in advertising. “Just use what our mainline creative does”, they say.

Not to be confused with hashtags that we are asked to use so abundantly, digitally-exclusive communication that defines a year-long branding exercise is much needed, to break away from the clutter online.

Several digital agencies, including us, worked towards this last year and are ambitiously working towards realizing this wish for 2016 as well.

Spend less or more, but spend relevant

As much as acquiring a consumer’s eyeball is everything, more ‘need’ and less ‘want’ based digital advertising must be the long-term objective for a brand. With platforms like Twitter and Instagram making advertising more accessible in India, it is imperative we use digital advertising monies judiciously, creating more “sticky” online consumers who go a long way to build meaningful engagement with a brand.

This is also applicable for Influencer Engagement. It is perfectly normal to not trend and get lesser conversations or impressions, but engaging the wrong kind of influencer does more harm than good to a brand over the long run.

Meaningful content goes viral; a video is still a video

“Viral video” has been this beautiful unicorn we all want but can’t have in our lives! If you cannot crack a good idea, don’t invest in a video.

A good video helps define an excellent narrative for one’s campaign but let that not define everything that your campaign must be known for.

Focus on creating content that caters to your target audience, that compels them to engage with you, making them return for more. The video or otherwise is secondary.

ORM is more human intelligence less technology

“Tools are meant to aid, not replace human intelligence”.

While 2015 was witness to a bunch of ORM disasters, one key learning from of each of them has been how quickly brand managers/agencies have been able to turnaround the situation. That happens with understanding, assessing and finally making corrective decisions.

A good ORM tool aids in gathering requisite intelligence, however let 2016 be the year for investing in the right team that outlines a clear strategy on crisis management, owning up to and rectifying mistakes; thereby making consumers connect with your brand better.

B2B digital campaign awards 2015

Sometimes, there is complexity in simplicity

2016 is touted to be the year for Virtual Reality, more mobile applications, customization on existing networks, among many other glorious things in technology. However, let that not be a strong determinant in making decisions for your branding exercises for the year.

Research before you choose VR or mobile apps for your brand; it is imperative to understand whether you have a sizeable chunk of potential/existing consumers interested in or with the potential to use that technology. Choose wisely, as these call for heavy investment of both - money and time.

On a completely different note, 2015 saw a very humane side on social media. Random strangers coordinating to help people affected by disasters was heart-warming. Hoping millennials maintain this humanity and peace this year too.