A 5-Point Digital Marketing Trends Wishlist From Chetan Asher For 2016

CEO at Tonic Media, Chetan Asher's quick wishlist lists trends that could become mainstream in 2016: surge in emerging technologies, mobile focused campaigns and more


Editor’s Note: We are half way through the first month of 2016, budgets will be rolled out soon, a perfect time to know the wishlist of folks from the industry – agency and brand folks. Lighthouse Insights reached out to some of them and here is the second article from Chetan Asher, CEO at Tonic Media – a digital agency headquartered  in Mumbai. You can follow him on Twitter – @chetanasher

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The New Year has commenced and as usual there are a lot of predictions for the latest marketing trends in the year ahead. Every beleaguered digital marketer is currently keeping track of “What’s Hot?” and “What’s Next?” and harnessing the wild to tame the ever-growing Digital Tsunami. Faced with such a herculean mandate, we digital marketers need to be ready to ride the trends, which are set to grow in 2016.

Here’s a quick wishlist of trends that could become mainstream in 2016.

Mobile focused campaigns

A rise in the number of smartphones and Internet users is encouraging more and more brands to explore mobile as a key medium of marketing. The boost in content marketing is directly linked to this trend. According to a recent study conducted by Outbrain, Indians are consuming 41% of their content through smartphones, 76% of which is consumed on Android phones. 2015 was a big year for mobile— and we think that 2016 will draw even bigger limelight for the m-platform. Post Google’s announcement of them releasing an update for their “Mobilegeddon” algorithm- to phase out sites not optimized for mobile. Thus agencies will need to include the platform while delivering their campaigns as smart money lies in mobile-driven online marketing.

A surge in emerging technologies

Moving away from the regular campaigns, we foresee a groundbreaking shift towards a more holistic digital experience for the user, across different platforms of digital – apps, analytics, e-commerce, programmatic, IOT and a whole bunch of emerging technologies. This translates into huge opportunities for agencies and brands to leverage it for effective communication.

Usage of messaging apps

2016 will be the year more business enterprises realize the power of messaging apps. What this means for publishers is users consuming and sharing videos, photos, content and news  at an alarming rate. In terms of numbers, the world’s 4 leading messaging apps now have as many monthly users as the top four social platforms. And the number is increasing day by day. So marketers and brands alike need to include the potential impact  of these apps during their strategy and their potential on the content publishing ecosystem cannot be ignored.

Videos, videos and more videos!

Facebook kick started this trend in 2015 offering advertisers video options but the bigger game-changer will be Google who is all set to is finally getting on board with in-SERP video advertising. As the trend continues into 2016, with users becoming more and more accepting of video ads online, it has given rise to newer means of producing content including 360 degree videos and VR. Expect to see more types of video ads emerging in many unexpected places!

Digitally devoted clients

And the last item on our list— We foresee a progressive transformation  in marketing executives’ mindset welcoming new digital initiatives – a fundamental realignment of business culture. Digitally evolved clients who are keen, the kind to take their brands to the next level on digital, the kind who see social engagement, content creation and innovative marketing as paradigm-shifting marketing functions rather than one-off campaign initiatives.

Summarizing a few marketers’ wishes for 2016, we can say that the focus will be on demonstrating these integrated communication capabilities.