At The Digital Destination – Ad:Tech Bangalore [Guest Post]

by Guest Author on September 29, 2021


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This is a guest post by Malhar Barai(1) about his experience at the recently concluded Ad:tech event at Bangalore which was all about digital marketing and the way forward.

For someone in the digital marketing space, Ad:Tech Bangalore was the most awaited event of the year and it did live up to the expectations I was looking forward to have. I believe they had covered all the bases well, starting from a great line-up in the panel discussion to the expo, the workshops and even the RFID support provided by Tagglabs that helped participants to network virtually too.


Truly, ‘there is never a dull moment in the mobile world’. This statement within the keynote by D. Shiva Kumar from Nokia, set the pace of the entire event and we knew today the key take away from the event would be advertising on the smaller screen leveraging social platforms.

Indeed the advent of smartphones has created an entire different market for us to focus on. But then Kshitiz Randhir Shori from had quite a different opinion, when he told about their organisation’s experience in the featured phone market, which according to them is much bigger than smart phones. I would say that it’s the bottom of the pyramid affect & businesses should definitely leverage that if their brand caters to that audience.

Then it was time to move into the discussions on ’Social & Video’ with 2 great sessions lined up:

1. Integrated Video Planning

Coming from the Media & Entertainment vertical, we have seen very closely how trends have changed with studio & media planners wanting to make sure their content works seamlessly across TV, Web & Mobile. With a panel lined up with the bigwigs from Vuclip, comScore, Ozone Media and LG, we didn’t miss their insights on the how the consumption habits have changed & there is enormous pressure on building intelligence thereby helping in video planning for brands to achieve maximum exposure. Joe Nguyen from comScore, provided some great insights on the intelligence aspect.

2. Impact of Social Media in Retail

For us in the social media marketing business, this was simply one of the most important discussions to attend, since it would help us to understand the retail industry psyche about adoption of Social Media. With Pinterest gaining the popularity, all agreed that this was the best time for businesses to leverage various social platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too. They talked about how analytics are playing a great role in understanding the customer behavior and giving the brands great insights on their marketing campaigns.

I couldn’t agree with the panel more, as it was only yesterday, that I was preparing a pitch for a major publisher with a great e-commerce business. The pitch did cover the social media side of business & how they can utilize the business analytics to drive their campaign and also offer unmatched customer service.

And then it was time for lunch and networking. It was great meeting with Peter Claridge from and understanding how Unmetric does all the analytics, liked the bit where they said that they just ‘look’ at the data and provide you with all the magical numbers, right from the demographic information about your consumers to your competitors data (liked this one personally *chuckle*).

Back from networking it was time for me to delve into another discussion and probably one of the best ones. This was about ‘SoLoMo – The convergence of Social + Local + Mobile’, sounds interesting!? Indeed, it was with a great panel from Founder/CEOs of, Cafe Coffee Day, TELiBrahma and hoppr, there was no dull moment as they talked about how Indian brands are slowly realizing the power of Social + Local + Mobile.

As if all these were not enough, I did go through the expo and was pretty impressed by the email marketing services by AlphaSandesh and IP consulting services by Inolyst.

To sum up, the event made me realize the immense work being done in digital marketing space & how companies are innovating to address some core issues. It was interesting how the guys at Beroe put it, ‘digital is becoming a horizontal business now’ and that was very apt. Every business wants to go digital now and leverage on social media platforms to engage closely with their customers. Add mobility to it & you look at many fold increase in impressions.

Kudos to the Ad:tech team for such a fantastic event & making a much more informative day for me. Thanks!

  1. An author, speaker, blogger and social media consultant, Malhar helps small and medium enterprises succeed in their Social Media Marketing campaigns. Malhar usually blogs about content strategy, social media platforms, and product reviews and tricks to ace Social Media. Do follow his blog or engage with him over Faceboook & Twitter. []

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  • Peter

    It was great to meet you, too, Malhar! I didn’t get to attend the conference part of the event but glad it was full of great content instead of fluff and filler. Hopefully we’ll be at the Ad-Tech Delhi event which promises to be 3 or 4 times the size.

    • Prasant Naidu

      you the man @aceriker:disqus and you know what i mean ;) jokes apart Malhar did this for us and I know it’s not easy to cover events. i have stopped doing for reasons you just mentioned on our FB page :D

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