Diesel India Celebrates It’s 2nd Anniversary Via Social Media

An article on how Diesel India Celebrates It's 2 Anniversary via Social Media. The campaign creates flash mob on Facebook and generates QR codes for coupons.

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On completing its second anniversary recently, Diesel India planned to celebrate and so it organized an April sale for the employees and their near and dear ones. They had done it last year too and this year they wanted to continue it but had a very short span to promote it.  Social Media came to their rescue. Diesel India along with digital marketing agency, The Glitch derived a cool campaign that not only got the desired Diesel fans but also gave the maximum amount of buzz in the last few days i.e. April 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and  May 1st.

Diesel India Campaign Details

I spoke to Rohit Raj, Co-Founder at The Glitch over the phone, to understand the objective and the various ideas that they implanted to execute this campaign. Rohit who was excited with the campaign’s success said that every year Diesel celebrates its anniversary for it’s employees but this time we had very less time to create the buzz. So we planned of doing a flash mob on Facebook on April 26th, 2012 along with 500 people, which included the employees of Diesel India and members of Diesel’s Facebook community. Rohit and his team had sent mailers and organized the flash mob which then at 5 P.M. IST changed their relationship status from “Single” to “In A Relationship”. The plan worked and as we know, we are so inquisitive of everyone’s personal life and change in status anyways brings a lot of exposure in regular life. Along with the status change, the agency attached a small Facebook message to be part of India’s largest digital flash mob, providing a link to the website Dieselturnstwo.com.

Diesel India facebook
Change of status

The website was the “Plan B” for the campaign where the agency had planned to drive the traffic to. The website which smartly uses Facebook connect to log in is a micro site which has been built for the anniversary celebration. As soon as you log in to the website, it offers you a 50% discount on Diesel products. A QR code is generated which you could save and produce at the Diesel outlet or you can take the mail that you would have received once you generate the QR code. Besides this the agency worked on the sharing mechanism and suppose you share the Diesel offer with your friends, you would get an additional 5% off on the goods. Now isn’t that a cool incentive for you to share. There were many other ways such as personalized invitations being sent to employees, etc. to make them feel that the brand is honored to have them as employees.

The campaign has seen more than 5000 sign ups by fans and is an achievement on it’s own. Rohit believes that not only did they create the required buzz in such a short span but also ended up getting the loyal Diesel fans to the stores. On being asked the purpose of QR codes, Rohit said that they have been useful in storing the personal data of fans. QR code also made it easy to track who has transferred the coupon to whom.

Is it an Interesting Campaign?

Flash mobs are not new on Twitter but this is for the first time that an Indian brand has created a flash mob on Facebook, as far as I know. Some time back we had seen how The Bombay Store and Mirinda India had used Tweetmob to promote their product launch on Twitter. However, I am impressed that Diesel India campaign was targeted towards the employees and their family and friends. The campaign not only met it’s objective, which we can clearly say is the ROI but was also successful enough to create ample amount of noise on Facebook. Rohit did tell me that they even got a call from Facebook for the sudden massive activity.

I think going further Facebook India definitely will have some sleepless nights with such innovative ideas sprouting up often. I am impressed by the entire campaign from start to end. Do you think the same or have you got some ideas by which this could be maximized. And by the way the contest is still running.