Dhiti, Helps Reader Engagement On Your Blog

Dhiti, Helps Readers To Discover More About Your Blog

A blog without widgets is a rarity nowadays as widgets provide the much needed extra boost to the blog. One such widget is providing a list of articles similar to the article that a reader has just read. An app like this keeps your reader engaged in your articles and holds him for a longer duration. So a widget of this category is a must for a blog as it helps to grow your readership. Dhiti fulfills this need as well as has other exciting features in comparison to LinkWithin app which we had prior to Dhiti.



Dhiti is a free Indian app that we have used for a few months now and believe us, we have really liked it. So we thought of getting in touch with the founders of Dhiti for an email interview and find out more about the app, the team and what the future holds for Dhiti. Bharath Mohan was kind enough to answer our questions which are as follows:


Bharath Mohan

1. I am using Dhiti for more than 3 months and as a blogger I love it but Bharath tell me more about the founders and Dhiti as an app.

Dhiti is a content discovery company. Our vision is to make it easy for users to find relevant and contextual information from anywhere on the web. To facilitate this, we are actively pursuing bloggers and publishers to use our product and enrich their user experience.

Dhiti has four people now Bharath, Venkatesh, Aditya and Elvis. Each of us have a core computer science background and supplement each other with skills necessary to do a well rounded company.

2. Dhiti has ‘Articles you may like section’ and ‘Concepts to explore section’ too. How would you differentiate for a novice blogger?

In “Articles you may like”, we present articles from else where on the blog that are relevant to the article the reader has just finished. They are great follow on articles. We also use artificial intelligence to understand the core ideas that are behind the article, and present those as “Concepts to explore”. These are cues to understand reader intent and help him explore the site more. Apart from the footer widget, we also provide rich topic pages, automatic text highlighting and site search. Overall, our vision with our products is to take care of all discovery needs on a publisher site depending on his context. We need to present information differently while reading an article versus after reading an article. Our algorithms and presentation try to understand both user context and the content available to provide the best experience.

3. Does Dhiti have a premium version for users and if not then do you intend to keep it a free app going further.

We have a lot of products coming in our roadmap. Our app for publishers and bloggers will continue to be free and help improve user engagement on their sites.

4. The market is competitive so how are you differentiating your product and any new features that you plan to add in the near future.

We respect our competition. Together everyone is innovating and providing great products to bloggers and publishers are very compelling rates. Imagine a product that offers an increase in revenue by 5-15% from the day it gets installed. Together content discovery products are providing a huge value add at hardly any cost.

Our approach towards the competition is to ensure our users and customers get the best. To this, we holistically concentrate on all the content discovery needs on a publisher site – concept mining, related articles, exploratory search, topic pages, etc. Soon, we’ll launch universal search – ability to search images and videos and other products and features.

5. Intweetion for Twitter Insights. Can you talk bit more on that and how is it beneficial for brands on Twitter.

Our Intweetion product is a labs experiment we have to convert people’s incoming twitter streams into a research library. It organizes facts in documents people are tweeting into concepts and helps people read those faster. Brands can use Intweetion to quickly summarize and explore what’s happening in the twitter-sphere.

6. Finally, a quick word of advice for startups that are trying to make a presence on social media.

We are not yet big enough to give advice. I’d say startups must concentrate on providing value add and adopt principles like product-market fit and customer development, before they burn or raise a lot of cash.


If you are blogger and are keen on increasing readership for your blog, then you need to give it a try for sure. The look and feel might be a slight drawback but the app does a great work apart from just featuring related articles. I am also excited to see how Intweetion is developed further. If Dhiti can build it as a brand page for Twitter, then it can provide a great competition to Twylah. However, the app would require better look and feel, customization of features and better intelligence of pulling data. For now Dhiti has a great potential and Lighthouse Insights wishes them good luck!