Dettol India Facebook Contest Fails To Impress

An article on what is the Dettol India Facebook Contest and why it fails to impress

dettol india
Facebook Ad

Dettol India in its latest campaign is specifically targeting the confident Indian male. “End Of Day Confidence Challenge” is a Facebook contest where the brand is asking men if they are still confident by the end of the day. So if you think that you are fresh and confident after 5PM, then upload your end of day picture or video and you may stand a chance to win an Adidas gift voucher worth INR 5000. That sure sounds exciting!

Dettol India’ Facebook page, which has a community of 29,568 fans, is simultaneously running a Facebook ad that leads to the contest. Even if you have not witnessed the ad, just click on the Dettol EOD Confidence Challenge Facebook app and once the authentication is done, you would end up on the below screen. 

dettol india facebook contest

The Facebook App :

The contest which is exclusive for its fans is a no brainer one. Once you are on the page you would see two actionable buttons – 1) View Contest Entries and 2) Enter the E.O.D Challenge.

On click of the Enter the E.O.D. Challenge button, it takes you to the screen to upload your entry.  You are asked to upload your picture, video or a Youtube link with a message where you need to describe the secret of your confidence. Once you have done this, click on the submit button and the photo would be uploaded. The screen also provides your message to be posted on the wall. However, the app does post on my behalf without my approval on my personal timeline. A clear misuse of Facebook app guidelines by Dettol India.

Once you have saved your entry, you would find it visible in the “View Contest Entries” section. Now is the interesting part as you will have to gain maximum number of likes from your community on your confident photo to win the voucher. Besides this, the app also provides sharing option so that you can share the contest among your friends. The sharing feature is described as a must for Facebook apps to be successful by pundits.

So is it impressive?

Not in the least, the entire contest fails to impress me and is a dud for the following reasons:

1. The incentive provided by the brand in this contest has no resemblance to the brand. It would have been great had the brand provided Dettol merchandise to the winners. It would have made much more sense than a  Rs.5000/- Adidas voucher.

2. The contest is based on ‘Likes’ which is so 2010 kind of idea. Besides this, I’m wondering how is the brand going to prevent bogus voting. I don’t think it would be doing it manually.

3. The app also clearly misuses the app guidelines of Facebook like most of the Facebook contests do so.

4. Finally the contest is all about end of day confidence but the message is completely missing from the contest. I have seen a bunch of uploads by participants and I couldn’t figure out how is confidence being related to it.

We started the week with two amazing contest reviews of Ford India and Hennessy Artistry India and so was really expecting a unique contest from Dettol India but I am disappointed. I don’t think there was much brainstorming while designing the strategy, hence such a boring experience.

I don’t find Dettol India Facebook contest interesting and I have also failed to understand why the brand has only targeted men. Nothing is exclusive to men. Anyways, do let me know if you have enjoyed the contest and think it is innovative.