10 Charts That Show Why Indian Retailers Should Adopt An Omni-Channel Strategy

10 charts show that with growing smartphones and Internet, digital devices’ influence on in-store purchases, Indian retailers need to adopt an omni-channel strategy


Rs. 60,000 crore of in-store retail purchase is influenced by digital. This number is estimated to grow significantly, with increasing penetration of smartphones and growing internet users in India said a new report released recently by consulting firm, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd.

The report, Navigating the New Digital Divide which studied close to 2,000 urban Indian shoppers, said the conversion rate of shoppers who use a digital touch-point is 40% higher than the non-digitally influenced shoppers.

Besides more than a third of digitally influenced shoppers would prefer the flexibility of buy-online-pickup-in-store, the report said.

However, Rohit Bhatiani, director at Deloitte added, “Today, 90% of the retailers do not have a mobile app or mobile-friendly websites and hence these retailers are not even considered by consumers for pre-buying research. Retailers need to create a strong meaningful digital presence to attract customer attention.”

Listed below are the major data findings from the report for quick consumption:

1. 21% of in-store shopping in urban India is influenced by digital


2. Digital influence is seen across all age groups


3. 24% digital influence across categories like Electronics and Apparel


4. Digital influence increases in-store conversion by almost 50%


5. 66% of shoppers spend more as a result of using digital touch-points – with 38% spending at least 25% more than intended


6. 71% of shoppers use digital before and 47% during shopping


7. 52% of shoppers use social media before buying, 39% during the buying process and 15% after shopping


8. 70% of shoppers would prefer to use either their own device or an interactive in-store digital device for their shopping related needs


9. 71% prefer mobile wallet as digital payment option


10. 23% shoppers don’t use digital touch-points because of the lack of retailer’s digital presence