Dell Woos Teenagers By Featuring Young Achievers In New Docuseries

Dell has launched a documentary series 'The New Experts' showcasing young achievers using technology to achieve their goals, as part of its latest back-to-school campaign

Dell wants everybody to embrace technology, more so the young generation. But, selling to Gen Y is a tough ask. Youngsters are more keen to follow their peers and the popular folks in their own age group, than be influenced by advertising. In a bid to promote its 2-in-1 (laptop and tablet) and other computer products to youngsters, Dell has embarked on a documentary series that showcases teen achievers in the fields of fashion, science and technology.

The documentary series titled ‘The New Experts’ created by Y&R New York is part of Dell’s back to school campaign targeting teenagers. A total of four 90-second videos have been created with young experts - Taylor Wilson, a 21-year-old nuclear physicist; Isabella Rose, a 14-year-old fashion designer and artist; 19-year-old YouTube sensation Jenn McAllister, known as Jennxpenn; Comedians & musicians Jack & Jack.

Taylor Wilson built a fusion reactor when he was 14. Today at 21, he is still finding new ways for technology to help our world. In this video, Taylor talks about that achievement and how science always fascinated him since childhood. He believes technology allows to change the world.

In this video, Jennxpenn talks about how she used to be a shy person but creating her own YouTube videos changed all of that and how she has made loads of friends now, with the help of technology and her own passion. Jennxpenn has over 2 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Jack & Jack share their journey of meeting each other and finding a way to do something they both loved on the internet i.e. creating comedy sketches, music and more.

Fashion designer, Isabella Rose Taylor shows how she uses technology to make her sketches, drawings and ideas a fashion reality.

The voiceover at the end of the videos ask viewers to do what they love and share it with the world, along with the hashtag #LearnItShareIt. The videos display a link to the Dell Back to School Lookbook 2015, where viewers can know more about the Dell devices being used by the four young experts.

The campaign is also tied to a social media contest that can be entered through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, along with the hashtag #LearnItShareIt. The Dell Back to School New Experts Contest that is live from July to September will have themed questions, each promoted by the various influencers at different time periods.

Jennxpenn’s theme was around finding a cool way to use technology to make more time in the day, while Jack & Jack want ideas to use technology to make the most epic live show. Participants need to share their responses on the respective social media channels for a chance to win Dell laptops, Canon cameras, Bose headphones and subscriptions to Hulu Plus, Spotify, Amazon Prime.

The right dose of youth appeal

The New Experts docuseries campaign helps strengthen Dell’s 2015 theme for youth – ‘Learn. Share. Inspire’. Having young achievers share their personal stories is sure to appeal to young viewers, rather than have the brand sharing its new product specifications. While Dell’s Back-to-school campaign last year was all about YouTube stars, this year the company has explored further to bring forth real stories of youth achievers using technology to fuel their passion.

The aptly titled hashtag #LearnItShareIt helps drive Dell’s clarion call to aspiring youngsters on the social web, while building brand affinity with youngsters. Interestingly, HP is also on a similar marketing path with its global campaign #BendTheRules. HP India has been showcasing youth achievers from various fields who ‘bent the rules’ to chase their dreams.