Dell Invites Stories For ‘Achieve With Dell’

Dell India's 'Achieve With Dell' campaign invites consumers to share their stories of achievement through technology on a specially designed microsite.

Dreams are born out of passion and inspiration is what turns them into reality. And more often than not, it is technology that drives most of our passions into reality. In this digital age, we can learn just about anything through the internet, be it calligraphy, playing the guitar or sculpting on a piece of chalk. I learnt to cook from the numerous websites and video demonstrations and can call myself a fairly decent cook now, courtesy technology!

Celebrating the passion for achievement, Dell India, the Indian arm of Dell Inc. the Fortune 500 Technology major is now on a hunt to hear our technology driven stories. The brand has launched ‘Achieve with Dell’ where you can share your inspirational story and stand a chance to win a Dell Inspiron laptop.

The neatly designed website welcomes you with the home page that features the stories of Priya and Aditya who used technology to fuel their passions. ‘Your Stories’ features submitted stories which you can also share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. ‘Action your passion’ is a place where you can find people who share the same interests as you, so you can learn, help and keep yourselves updated on your interests.

Below is the story of Priya who connects to life through Yoga. She manages to reach out to her blog readers with the help of the HD webcam on her Inspiron. Dell has been promoting ‘Achieve with Dell’ through the stories of Priya and Aditya who is leaning to redesign his dad’s bike through the internet with the help of the graphics card on his Inspiron.

Along with talking about the new Inspiron 15R laptop across all mediums, Dell has managed to create a certain amount of buzz on social media too. The Dell India Twitter page with its 12K followers has been sharing the story of Priya and Aditya along with the hashtag #AchieveWithDell. The Dell India Facebook page has been sharing regular updates on the Inspiron 15R along with the stories.

Promoting a laptop by connecting people to their passionate stories that have been enabled through technology, will definitely work in its favour. Rather than talk about the product features, ‘Achieve with Dell’ has chosen to connect to its consumers’ passion.