Dell India’s Hint A Gift TVC Impact On Social Media

Using Unmetric we find out Dell India's Hint A Gift TVC impact On Social Media.

Festivals bring an auspicious wave throughout the country. The season is usually marked with increased sales and presents a great opportunity for brands to promote their wares. Television is often ripe with new commercials for electronics and lifestyle goods, carrying on the brand communication to reflect the festive season. This October, technology major, Dell India had launched a TVC as part of its ‘Celebrate Dell Se’ festive campaign targeting the youth.

The TVC made popular as ‘Hint a gift’ urged youngsters to ‘Do Kuch Bhi’ to get a Dell Inspiron from the new range of touchscreen laptops, even if it involves hinting your parents to gift you one!

In the TVC, a young guy and his dad are constantly being congratulated throughout the day by passing neighbours, colleagues and friends for getting a new Dell Inspiron. The confused dad finally manages to catch up with his son and questions him about the new laptop he has not bought yet. The smiling son then suggests his dad to gift the laptop tomorrow, on the occasion of the festival.

Hint a Gift on YouTube

Uploaded on the 4th of October, the 28-second video has garnered more than 388K views till date. While mostly running as ads in between YouTube videos, Dell also ensured a wider reach for the TVC with the help of a dedicated campaign on social media. We look at the impact of the ad on social media with the help of social media monitoring tool, Unmetric.

From the period of October 4 to November 6, 2013, the video views have taken a steady uphill route till the 19th after which it plateaus out to a steady line till date. Interestingly, for the same period, Dell India has shown a higher growth rate both in terms of video views and subscribers.

  • Views are higher (52.9%) than the average Consumer Electronics YouTube channel (8.6%)
  • Subscriber growth is also higher (29.1%) than the average Consumer Electronics YouTube channel (6.6%). The YouTube channel has managed to add 175 new subscribers in the said period.

Dell_India_hintagift TVC Unmetric

The Facebook and Twitter buzz

The ‘Hint a Gift’ TVC was shared exclusively with the 6.4 million strong Dell Facebook fan base on the 4th of October. The post received a poor response with 16 shares, 37 likes and about 4 comments. The TVC was also supported with a social media campaign that encouraged users to hint gifts to their near and dear ones both on Facebook as well as Twitter.

Fans were engaged through a Facebook application ‘Hint a gift’, where they could create hints and tag their loved ones to share the hints. A personalized postcard with the personal message from the hinter would then be sent to the one hinted for. The highest voted hint won a Dell Inspiron laptop!

On Twitter, Dell created conversations around the hashtag #HintAGift with the help of exciting contests. In the period from October 4 to November 6, the Dell India Twitter handle added 514 new followers to its follower count that stands at more than 17K at present. During the same period, a number of hashtags ruled the conversation with #HintAGift dominating due to the contests, followed by #Dell, #DokuchBhi and #Diwali. The below screen shot gives you the frequency of hashtags generated by the brand as well as the users.


The ‘Hint a Gift’ campaign is an extension to its TVC released earlier this year that celebrated the ‘can do’ attitude of the youth and their determination to achieve their dreams. The message it spread amongst the youth that time was #ICanDoKuchBhi to help them achieve their dreams with the help of technology.

Dell India is aiming at the youth on social media, without a doubt, and communicating in the same language as them. It is refreshing to see a technology major engage with its target demographic in a relevant way.

Disclosure: Unmetric is an advertiser at LHI.