Dell India ‘Star of Fun’ Facebook Campaign, Good But Lacks Creativity

An article on how Dell India is promoting its latest ultrabook Dell Inspiron 14z, via the ‘Star of Fun’ contest for its fans where the most influential on Facebook wins the ultrabook.

Dell Inspiron Star of fun

Promoting its latest ultrabook Dell Inspiron 14z, Dell India has launched the ‘Star of Fun’ contest for its fans where the most influential on Facebook  wins the ultrabook.

Dell India, the Indian arm of Dell Inc., a Fortune 500 technology major, in a bid to create buzz for its latest launch, the Inspiron 14z ultrabook, has begun a hunt for the most popular fan on Facebook  through ‘Star of fun.’ Popularity is determined by a fun score with the highest scorer at the end of the month-long campaign winning the ultrabook. There are also weekly prizes of an accessories kit with Bluetooth headset, for the weekly high scorer.

About ‘Star of Fun’ contest

The contest is being run on a Facebook app at the Dell India Facebook page and is exclusive to its fans. You have to ‘like’ the page before you participate. The app will access your post feeds and calculate your fun score in the beginning based on your top 10 updates. I got a 67 on the basis of my recent 10 posts having images and videos that received 67 likes in total. The fun score is calculated on the basis of likes, comments and shares; 1 point for ‘like’, 2 for ‘comment’ and 3 for ‘shares’!

Dell Inspiron Star of fun

You can increase your score by getting more likes, shares, comments and inviting your friends through the app. An interesting dashboard awaits you as you click on ‘Proceed.’ As you can see in the screenshot, you can post images or videos on the top left corner. You can either upload a file from your computer or paste a link from the internet and click submit.

The ‘fun’ leaderboard shows your friends fun scores and if you want to know India’s scores, you can go to the ‘India Leaderboard page.’ In addition, you can always see your profile and score at the top right. At the bottom right is an array of posts by others and you can see the entire gamut of photos and videos if you click on ‘more posts’. If you like a particular post, there is an option to ‘star’ it, tweet about it or G+ it. Also, you can invite your friends to star it as well.

How good is the ‘Star of Fun’ app?

It definitely builds the Dell India community page. The app is fun, appealing and provides for smooth navigation. It follows Facebook guidelines too. However, the concept fails! Finding the most influential fan on Facebook who is also ‘Fun’ based on her social interactions is a good idea. But that alone being the deciding factor isn’t good. With the growing menace of fake Facebook accounts, this contest could have added a layer of creativity or skill, rather than relying on a fan’s social influence alone.

The contest asks you to upload pictures and videos but why were the status messages excluded. The app could have had a provision for sending updates from the app itself and these could have earned points too. Also, it asks fans to share YouTube video links but why hasn’t it provided the same feature for uploading images too? Simply uploading images doesn’t provide any credit to the original source. I hope nobody sues Dell India for her picture being used without any prior notice in the future.

The makers of the contest could have spent some time on the drawing board, prior to releasing such an expensive as well as extensive app.

Ending thoughts

As the space for ultrabooks gets crowded, IT giants are getting increasingly aggressive in their online promotions. Sadly, the same isn’t being adopted when it comes to brainstorming to bring out the best and most innovative of promotional campaigns.

Earlier in April, Samsung had launched ‘Max it up’ to promote the Samsung Notebook series 5 Ultra. Fans have to store all their favourite data on Facebook , invite and get their friends to favourite their stuff and win points. Although the concept is similar to ‘Star of fun’, the app failed to work most of the times and Samsung did not bother to apologise too. In comparison with Max it Up, Star for Fun is a simpler app but both the contests fail at the concept level.

For a brand of the stature of Dell, having had pioneered the use of social media, I had a lot of expectations from this campaign when I stumbled upon the Facebook ad for the contest. What do you think about ‘Star for fun’?