Dell India Urges Youth To #HintAGift For Its Celebrate Dell Se Festive Campaign

Review of Dell India's Hint A Gift social media campaign as part of its "Celebrate Dell Se" campaign for the festival

Earlier this year, Dell India had embarked on a new journey to connect with the youth through the ‘I can do kuch bhi’ campaign. Celebrating the spirit of the youth for their “Can do” attitude and the determination to achieve their dreams, the campaign set the stage that lends itself for further engagement with the target group. Extending the campaign this festive season to ‘Celebrate Dell Se’, the technology major is urging youngsters to ‘Do Kuch Bhi’ to get a Dell Inspiron from the new range of touchscreen laptops.

As a part of the month long ‘Celebrate Dell Se’ campaign, the television commercial launched recently portrays a son giving away a number of hints to his dad, informing him in advance of his wish to receive a Dell laptop this festive season.

Hint a gift on social

The campaign has also leveraged social media as an extension to the television commercial with ‘Hint a gift’. The online community has been encouraged to hint gifts to their near and dear ones both on Facebook as well as Twitter. The 6.2 million strong Dell Facebook fan base are being engaged through a Facebook application, where they can create hints and tag their loved ones to share the hints. A personalized postcard with the personal message from the hinter will be then sent to the one hinted for. The highest voted hint also goes on to win the Dell Inspiron laptop.

The Facebook app ‘Hint a gift’ enables you to create hints as to why you need a Dell Inspiron in the form of an image, video, audio or a personal letter. As can be seen in the screenshot, there’s ‘Upload’ and ‘Write a letter’ choices to go about creating a hint.


You can upload an audio, video or images from their system through the Upload option. ‘Write a Letter’, as the name suggests, enables you to write your very own hint letter or edit from the existing samples provided. I edited an existing template to add my own reasons for a Dell laptop and proceeded to the next step. I was then asked to tag the friend whom I wanted to send the hint to; it was shared on their wall. Also, you need to ask your friends to vote for it if you want to win a Dell Inspiron laptop.

Apart from a helpful “How Hint a Gift works”, the app also houses a Hints gallery with all the hints created by fans and the votes it has recieved. These hints can be shared across Facebook and Twitter. Based on the number of votes, the most popular hint becomes “hint of the day” and the receiver gets a personalized postcard.

Though you do not need to ‘like’ the app to get started with it, the problem arises when you need to tag friends while sending the hint. So the app is only for Facebook fans of Dell!

Apart from the app and numerous updates on the wall, the campaign is also using Twitter to create buzz. The micro social network has been alive with the hashtag #HintAGift, where the brand has created contests related to the festive season. For Navratri, it asked Twitter users to share the significance of the festival colours in their life, and stand a chance to win Dell goodies.

How good is it?

The campaign has been well aligned with the ‘Can do kuch bhi’ for a Dell Inspiron proposition set by the brand. Besides, youth today are considered to be outspoken and demanding as to what gift they want. The two have been blended well here. Initiatives on social media have weaved in both the popular social networks in an apt manner, while sticking to its objective.

Design-wise, the ‘Hint a gift’ app has a nice layout with brand colours and fonts but could have been designed a little better. Navigation is an issue, I wasn’t able to change my choice of hint creation, when all it needed was a back button. Also, as the app is for fans of the page, non-fans should be made to ‘like’ the page prior to entering the app, otherwise they cannot see any friends while they need to tag them!

Also, under the popular hints in the gallery, I saw a few with zero votes. As per the workings of the campaign, these hints need to be the highest voted ones.

Nonetheless, the campaign has managed to create buzz this festive season and hopefully, also adds on to its sales numbers especially with the lucrative offers for the season.