How Dell India used domain specific influencers to reach out to youth with the ideology ‘live your passion’

Case study by Dell India where it used domain specific influencers to increase brand recall with youth-oriented content, submitted under the category: ‘Best Influencer Campaign’ for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017

The Client

Dell India - Customers are at the core of everything we do. We listen carefully to their needs and desires and collaborate to find new ways to make technology work harder for them.

We are focused on delivering solutions to enable smarter decisions and more effective outcomes so our customers in India can overcome obstacles, bring their ideas to life and pursue their dreams. Above all, we are committed to the superior long-term value they need to grow and thrive.

Problem Statement

  1. Brands are often perceived as more focused towards sales, instead of the aspirations of their customers.
  2. A PC is seen as a product that is purely functional – just for school, college or work rather than a support system for a person’s passions or hobbies.
  3. It is difficult to connect with the youth on a one to one basis because of the increased apathy for content that is branded.
  4. Influencers – both on the digital sphere and in real life peers in school, college and work have a lasting impact as people tend to trust “word of mouth” over direct brand communication messages.

Identified objectives

  1. To increase brand recall with content that is in touch and more relatable with the youth of today.
  2. To leverage the reach of domain specific influencers present on campus and make them drive the brand’s message through their social media.
  3. To leverage influencers who are thought leaders in a specific industry with content that is curated specifically for an individual’s interest.


An influencer activity is often a one-off activity during the strategy and consequent execution of a larger campaign. But Dell flipped the usual model by incorporating influencer content in not just one but two long-term campaigns.

The influencers were what made the campaign go from A to B with exclusive content from their side along with user generated content. The messaging targeted young individuals to build a rapport infusing the ‘live your passion’ ideology synonymous with Dell.

We wanted to target the youth of India through our activations.

In order to meet our objectives, we conceptualised the campaign around two digital activations, supplemented by an on ground property.

The youth today follow individuals who are trend-setters in a particular domain and emulate their behaviours. This created the need for us to associate with specialists, leaders and influencers from specific domains. Hence, we split our digital activations thematically to focus popular interests - music and art.

We chose influencers that were popular among the youth and whom they aspired to be.

The two main activations were:

  1. Artist in Making:

We encouraged our audience to showcase their creative skills through this digitally led campaign by creating and uploading designs for sleeves and skins for a Dell Laptop. This was judged by Alicia Souza, social celebrity and illustrator.

  1. Music Junkie:

This leg of the campaign rode on the most popular youth passion – MUSIC. We inspired them to make their own music using an online beat-box and upload the same on the microsite. The entries were judged by music personality Nikhil Chinapa who in turn inspired the Music Junkies to never stop following their own beat.

The Hub -

  • We crafted a microsite where users could create, upload, share and vote for the entries.
  • We showcased all the entries on the “Wall of Fame” along with the work done by our influencers, to ignite the creativity of the participants & inspire them.
  • The hub not only gave hands on experience for our participants to showcase their work but also helped the influencers to review, analyse and shortlist the work done by participants

We promoted them extensively on social media in the below ways: -

  1. Driving User Generated Content

Some of the best entries were posted on our Social Media that helped boost brand engagement with the audience along with giving the participants great social gratification.

  1. Influencer Promotion
  • Alicia Souza, Pranita Kocharekar, Aniruddh Mehta and Ashish Jose were few of the social celebrities/influencers that we worked with in promoting Artist in Making.

  • They are quite popular in the designing fraternity all because of the quirky tone and designs they post on their profiles.
  • For Music Junkie, we associated with the multi-talented Nikhil Chinapa and leveraged his social presence to drive it with like-minded audience.
  1. Listen & Respond
  • In Dell we strongly believe the brand should humanize and appreciate the youngsters for the work they do.
  • In this endeavour, we created Listen and Respond program and amplified 1X1 conversations.
  • We wanted to engage with the youth of the country, and listen to what they like to talk to about. We wanted to position Dell as a brand that cares not just about sales but acts as a conduit of creativity.
  • Relevant keywords were used during this period to drive organic conversations.
  1. Campassador promotion
  • The We Love Your Work philosophy was amplified further through the Dell Campassadors network (Dell Campus Ambassadors) that represents Dell in over 50 college campuses across 9 cities.
  • The role of Campassadors is to become the single point of contact when it comes to Brand engagement with college, new product launches, exclusive offers and promos for the students.
  • The Campassadors played the role of influencers during our entire campaign and helped spread WOM among their college network.

Dell Futurist

  • Supplementing these online programs was our on-ground activation Dell Futurist.
  • An interactive property that held events at colleges across the country, introducing students to youth icons who have succeeded in alternate careers.
  • Speakers included model turned vlogger Sherezade Shroff, VJ turned DJ Nikhil Chinapa, VFX expert Prasad Suthar and app guru Tejas Jasani.
  • These speakers were popular social influencers that the youth of India aspired to learn from.
  • Dell Futurists was leveraged online through social media posts on Dell’s platform, Facebook Live and through inspiring content from our influencers
  • An exclusive hub gave our audience a complete picture of ongoing events pictures, videos and speaker notes.

Dell Futurist events

  • As the first event of the series, we got the ace vlogger & blogger Sherezade Shroff to tell her story and talk about vlogging & blogging on Aug 3rd, 2016, at Jain College, Bangalore.
  • The session ended with a contest wherein students who created & uploaded a vlog of their own in the shortest period of time were given exciting prizes!
  • The next line-up was with Bollywood’s ace VFX expert Prasad Suthar who spoke to students in IIIT Pune giving them an insight into the amazing world of Visual Effects.

  • His passion for storytelling with visuals left the audience spellbound as he highlighted the importance of technology to pursue visual effects- an exciting new age career. This was followed by a simple workshop on GIF-making!
  • For Music, we had the amazing DJ, VJ and RJ Nikhil Chinapa speak to students on Music and Technology. By narrating the ups and downs of his own journey, he inspired the audience to explore music as a new age career and showcased how technology can help build their passion.

  • Through Facebook Live, he answered questions by the online audience on Music & Technology, providing them valuable insight into this exciting career.

  • Our next event was with the app guru Tejas Jasani from Rajkot who spoke to students in KIIT University, Bhubaneshwar and helped them have fun with technology and learn techniques on crafting an app

  • The students were thrilled with such an insightful session and enjoyed the process on learning to create an app from scratch.
  • The entire event was covered LIVE on Facebook giving our audience online the opportunity to learn interactively

While the activations for the youth leveraged the social networks of Campassadors and ensured brand interaction in the online space, we realized that the youth of India would love to know more about alternative careers, and would want to try their hand at something new!

Dell Campassadors leveraged their social network to let our target audience know about these events, which boosted the attendance and amp participation on the event day.


  • Our two main digital activations targeting the youth for We Love Your Work and Dell Futurist we received a reach of over 13+ million and a whopping 11+ million impressions across all our social platforms.
  • We received over 1k+ entries on our hub for Artist in Making and Music Junkie.
  • Our engagement rate across all social platforms moved up to 4.4% during our entire campaign
  • Over 43k unique users in our target group saw our posts 79k times, reinforcing the utilization of Campassadors’ social networks. These Campassadors leveraged their Social Networks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram across all the platforms, i.e. Mobile, Desktops and Tablets!

  • Posts shared by our Campassadors reached over 48k users in our target group, making over 91k impressions organically!


Using the right domain specific and youth oriented influencers played a major role in reaching out to our TG. We engaged with our youth and helped them relive their passion using technology.