How Dell India leveraged the festive season and established brand innovation with #FlipWithDell

Case study by Dell India to build brand preference and establish Dell technology as innovative during the festive season, submitted under the category: 'Best Offline-Online Integrated' for LI Digital Awards 2017


The Brand

Incorporated as Dell Computer India Private Ltd. in Bangalore in 1996, Dell has been among the fastest growing technology companies in India and continues to be among the top three today. Customers throughout India in large enterprises, small and medium businesses, at home and in government organizations choose Dell to be their trusted technology solutions partner. We support customers through sales and marketing, customer contact centres, research and development (R&D), IT, manufacturing and services offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Pune, Coimbatore, Noida and Chennai.

Problem Statement

The Festive season sees such a flurry of consumer spending that many categories & brands are content just riding the wave. But this is an undependable strategy for a brand like Dell. For us, the Festive season is as much a season of challenges as a season of opportunities.

  1. Most festive spending is low ticket size

Sure, acquisition is seen as a marker of prosperity, and it’s said that Indians go OTT while spending during the festive season. However, the thrifty Indian consumer keeps aside less than 20% of his/her festive budget for big ticket items (worth >20K).

  1. Discounts & offers give momentum to tech brands

The media is cluttered with brands from & across categories driving their share-of-voice to deliver the festive offerings / promotions. We didn’t want to be preferred via tactical messaging, we wanted to become brand of choice by showcasing the relevance of our technology for the festive season. We needed to humanize the brand and break the clutter with a strong emotional connect.

  1. PCs being squeezed out by other options for investment

Festivals call for refurbishment of the household, and consumer durables like refrigerators, TVs washing machines gain preference. E-commerce players and electronics showrooms compete with each other to offer the most attractive deals on mobile phones. Falling between these two categories, price-wise, PCs stand the risk of eventually getting edged out of the consideration set. The customers have far too many options to pick from, which necessitates the brands to take efforts and build top of mind recall to potential customers.

Identified Objectives

  1. To correlate Dell’s PC technology with the festive season

Due to the lack of a natural connect between technology and the festive season, brands treat this season on a tactical basis. Dell wanted to build consumer preference by showcasing the relevance of technology during these times, in people’s lives.

  1. To establish Dell Technology as innovative and Best-in-class

Since we have laptops that signify innovation in technology, we needed our target audience to know about it, more importantly, we needed people to talk about it being best-in-class.
The challenge was to project our laptop as one that complements the customer’s status — the one they can boast off and thereby consider as a reflection of their best self.

  1. To build preference for brand Dell

Festive being a crucial buying season, our challenge was to create communication that would drive TOM recall for Dell. So we didn’t get lost in the clutter of festive communication and offers without outright talking about our products to our audience.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against our objectives

  1. Make Dell top of mind recall and the most preferred brand during the festive season while the consumer is considering his festive purchases
  2. Drive sales of 420k units & 230Mn revenue.
  3. Boost the impact of the campaign to 300 GRPs on TV, 100 GRPs on Print & 150 GRPs on Video + Display.

The Strategy/Execution

Our big idea?

Make the shift from work mode to fun mode seem easier with Dell!

The shift from work mode to fun mode is often perceived as borderline impossible, with the paranoia of compromising on one of these aspects in favour of the other. With the Dell 2-in-1 we wanted our audience to know that during the festive season they could have their laddoos and eat them too!

The core communication for the campaign was that the shift from one mode to the other can be seamless and smooth with Dell 2-in-1. We used a multi-pronged campaign to connect with our audience across platforms and drive our messaging.

TVC: Flip With Dell

The #FlipWithDell TVC brings to the forefront Dell’s aim to create innovative products that seamlessly fit into the lives of its consumers. The TVC brings alive the ease with which the new range of Dell 2-in-1s allow consumers to flip between work mode and fun mode, without compromising on either. The story portrays a young entrepreneur who has to work on a new project while her husband waits for her for to join in on the festivities. With the versatile Dell 2-in-1 she effortlessly flips between “office mode” and “Tyohar mode” and joins her husband in making laddoos.

The work-life duality of an entrepreneur is highlighted and equated to the dual flexibility that the product offers. At Dell, we view technology as a tool that enables users to do more with their lives. This understanding of consumer needs reflects in stunning products that match user needs and serve as true companions.

Through new-age targeting methodology in Search Engine & Facebook Marketing:

Apart from our efforts on TV, we also employed Zapr technology, which enabled Dell to target viewers of specific TV channels, shows and ads on their mobile devices. Dell, being the first in category to employ this technology, targeted potential customers by creating audience segments after applying various filters like geographical, demographical, purchase patterns and preferences, etc. which were obtained using audio beacons when the TVC played on their TV. Then, this filtered audience was re-engaged on mobile in a relevant, personalized and contextual manner whenever their TV played our TVC.

We made sure to push our core messaging not just on TV, but also onto the smartphone of the user, ensuring higher brand awareness through multi-screen exposure

Through Print:

The messaging of our TVC received a wider reach through a well-planned festive print plan. The print ads showcased the 2-in-1 as a device that lets the consumer switch from work mode to fun mode seamlessly, and drove home the core brand messaging as well.

Through Radio:

#FlipWithDell was ably supported by radio, starting off with Onam, followed by Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja & ending beautifully with Diwali.

Dell’s TVC soundtrack was featured on 6000+ Spots all over the country + Saavn – India’s most popular online radio channel.

Through Cinema:

With highly marketed movies releasing during the festive period, we leveraged the movie experienced by diving into cinema marketing and displaying our ads before the screening. Dell’s communication was aired at 283 Screens spread over 4 weeks reaching out to 6.3 Million people in our target group!

Through Retail:

We, at Dell, wanted to give an immersive experience to all our customers walking into our stores, them being our potential buyers. Dell added its own flavor of visual vibrancy to the Dell Exclusive Stores and MBOs with exciting merchandising and store design.

Through Social and Online Engagement:

To project the Inspiron 5000 2-in-1 series, one of our premium products, to the premium audience as a device that lets the audience function smoothly at work & at home, we chose Instagram to drive the brand message.

Our #FlipWithDell posts did just that, without forgetting the core objective of celebrating the festivals with our audience. We posted relatable pictures on Instagram during Diwali, obtained through a strategic product photo shoot of our 2-in-1 laptop. Overall, we reaches 4 Mn users with an engagement rate of 6.6%.


In order to further boost brand engagement, we conducted a contest on Facebook & Twitter by asking our audience to tell us about their modes, and how they are 2-in-1s by themselves, seamlessly shifting from work mode to festive mode, tying it all back to the messaging about the form factor of our 2-in-1 laptops.

Through an Online Video:

We did a digital-first launch of our TVC by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It has garnered over 5 lakh views till date.


  • For Onam & Diwali, we reached 6.3 Mn people in our target group, through 283 screens in 4 weeks!
    Our #FlipWithDell contest on Twitter evoked around 1025 people to participate in it, with over 45k impressions!
  • We reached around 5 lakh people with our #FlipWithDell contest and maintained a healthy 2.8% Engagement Rate throughout the contest.
  • 6000+ Spots all over the country featured Dell’s TVC’s Soundtrack!
  • Our product purchase pages delivered 4.4 Mn unique visitors & 22k Conversions!
  • Our orders grew by a whopping 18% YoY, with Dell Exclusive Stores growth being +20% QnQ, showcasing the tangible efficacy of the campaign.


  • Our #FlipWithDell contest on Social Media was well received despite being a 100% organic campaign.
  • #FlipWithDell performed with utmost efficacy when it comes to product awareness, spreading the word about our 2-in-1 laptop.
  • The imagery in our #FlipWithDell posts on Instagram was unlike any of the posts by other brands. It was also a detour from the visual tone of posts we employ otherwise; raising our Engagement Rate because of these 2 reasons.