How Dell harnessed Facebook LIVE to launch the first Inspiron gaming laptop in India

Case study by Dell India where it used Facebook live to launch the Inspiron gaming machine by getting the gaming community together, submitted under the category: ‘Best Use of Real Time Streaming’ for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017

The Brand

Dell India: Customers are at the core of everything we do. We listen carefully to their needs and desires and collaborate to find new ways to make technology work harder for them.

We are focused on delivering solutions to enable smarter decisions and more effective outcomes so our customers in India can overcome obstacles, bring their ideas to life and pursue their dreams. Above all, we are committed to the superior long-term value they need to grow and thrive.

Problem Statement

Gamers are a passionate and opinionated lot – one wrong move and they won’t think twice to change brands. On the flip side, they can be very loyal as well, giving us the opportunity to make the right move and win brand advocates for life. Despite being a niche community, gaming is a cultural phenomenon that engages consumers across age and gender gaps.

After word of mouth, social media is the next best platform to speak to this community, preferably in their own language. The communication had to be something relevant for gamers and worth talking about among themselves. The idea of a “conversation” is not a new one but to make it the basis for the launch of a completely new product – that is new, especially in India.

The usual approach for a new product launch is, to begin with, teasers, a couple of countdown posts and finally a launch video showcasing the product or service in its full glory. Most of the times, a contest is added to increase traction online and get user generated content. It is safe and a proven method to incentivize fans with vouchers or freebies in exchange for sharing and commenting on posts.

But to utilise user generated content in the form of comments through FB LIVE was never done before.

We wanted to uniquely launch our gaming product and create enough excitement among our target audience for its launch.

Identified objectives

To launch the much awaited Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gaming Laptop in India in a way that is innovative and relevant for the gaming community.

OUR BIG IDEA – Harness the power of LIVE and get the gaming community to launch the first Inspiron gaming laptop in India

Videos, GIFs, 360-degree posts, images – they’ve all been done before to launch a product or service on social media. That’s why we wanted to do something that is different and in-tune with what works on social media, especially Facebook. Going LIVE is one such way.

With Facebook LIVE as the chosen medium to digitally launch the new Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gaming laptop in the Indian market, we were being heavily reliant on fan engagement. A risky take albeit innovative take as fans felt part of the conversation.

What is Facebook Live? Facebook Live is a unique fun, powerful way to connect with the existing fan base of a page and reach out to new fans as well. Fans who already like the page get notified instantly once the LIVE feed begins and have the opportunity to directly interact with the brand via comments as well as reactions.

It is an excellent way to gauge audience sentiment fast and in real-time.

We took instant interaction up a notch by declaring that the product will only be unveiled if fans answer the quiz questions correctly and within the stipulated time – creating a sense of urgency and excitement in the gaming community.

The fact that fans held the upper hand in unboxing the laptop, made them feel more involved and personally vested into the laptop, helping in brand recall for the new product.

Strategy & Execution

We wanted our fans to get talking. The idea behind utilising Facebook LIVE was to get the gaming community excited about the laptop and have a conversation around it for a period of time.

The NVIDIA USP: The NVIDIA graphics on the Inspiron 15 7000 gaming series delivers a gaming performance in a league of its own. In order to connect with the gaming audience that looks at NVIDIA as the hallmark of gaming graphics, we leveraged the popularity of their ambassador and gaming enthusiast. The activity was divided into two phases, namely pre-buzz and unboxing of the product through Facebook Live.

Each phase was distinctively executed to leverage the varying amounts of attention the laptop was receiving from the gaming community.

To talk through the clutter, fans were encouraged to be “brand ambassadors” to up the urgency and excitement level.

For urgency, a timer was kept at the beginning of the LIVE stream to get fans all set for what’s to come without revealing the laptop and its configuration. On the other hand, to get fans excited – teasers, the timed quiz itself and slow unboxing.

Phase 1: Creating Awareness and Pre-buzz


  • Four distinctive visually appealing teasers which did not give away anything about the product was the first course of action.
  • A mixture of videos and images were used for variety.
  • Each teaser hinted at a certain feature of the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming series in a similar colour scheme and tonality to create brand recall
  • The timing of each teaser was optimal to reach out to the gaming community.
  • Through our innovatively designed teasers we garnered a reach of about 97k+ completely organically

Cover Photo

  • Often cover photos are kept generic and more product focussed instead of a campaign focussed one but we went down with another route.
  • A cover photo in tune with the teaser style and tonality was uploaded to get the entire page in sync with the communication.
  • It was uploaded on the day of the LIVE activity itself for a dual purpose – generate awareness for the product and the LIVE activity itself.
  • Through our cover photo we achieved an organic reach of about 5K+ with an engagement rate of 5%

Phase 2: FB Live and Product Unboxing


  • Beginning with a timer, fans were given some time to settle in to what’s to come and a chance for us to get more fans tuned in

Just 1 day left to experience the next level of gaming! 😍Can you guess what we're talking about?

Alienwareさんの投稿 2017年4月11日(火)

  • It was successful in generating comments and reactions as to what is going to happen and speculation in the gaming community.


  • The quiz was timed and each question was very specific to gamers
  • The more interactive it got, the closer the product got to unboxing.


  • Once the target of correct answers was reached, the host unboxed the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 live
  • The laptop was secured in a box that was suspended roughly at a height of 15 feet in the air with a pulley.

Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gaming Laptop Launch

And we're LIVE! Participate now and help us unveil the Inspiron 15 7000 series gaming laptop. Captain Arya NVIDIA GeForce India

Alienwareさんの投稿 2017年4月11日(火)

  • Dell’s Product expert along with gamer from NVIDA conducted the quiz. Based on audience’s answers, the laptop was lowered down for unboxing
  • The faster the answers (correct ones), the faster was the unboxing.
  • If the correct answer had been commented within 30 seconds, the box was lowered one notch.


  • For any campaign, audience reach is foremost for it to make an impact. We received an optimum organic reach of 4, 36,679 for our Facebook LIVE activity in less than 45 minutes. This proved to be an effective medium to have a real time conversation with fans.
  • While comments being a crucial part to take forward the campaign, we garnered 58,404 video views and 1,034 comments in response all organically. This campaign successfully brought our gaming audience and the brand together.


Through the clever use and dependence on fan comments, the FB LIVE video made an identity for itself as a reliable launch vehicle.