Announcing Delightags For Pune Foodies. Tweet To Get Your Discount Coupons

Delightags is a unique venture by Hrishikesh Rajpathak and Sahil Khan, that seeks to ease the discount coupon process by a simple tweet.


We love discounts, don’t we? At least entrepreneurs do. But the deals and coupon markets are no more lucrative as they were during the time of Groupon. And later the hype had more or less subsided – one of the core reasons being the arduous way of redeeming these coupons. In today’s fast life you want things fast and within 140 characters. Seeing an opportunity here to simplify the process of coupons or deals, the duo from Pune – Sahil Khan and Hrishikesh Rajpathak have launched Delightags – that sends you discount coupons through Twitter.


Quite happy with the initial response for Delightags, Sahil spoke to me over a phone call to share the story. He had joined Hrishikesh while he was working on a different startup. Over many sessions of brainstorming, they started figuring out what could actually work. Sahil who has immense experience in the restaurant market and also in social media, started talking to restaurant owners to start off with.

“Our aim was to talk to the restaurant owners and find out what would they be interested in for which they would be ready to pay. The restaurant owners had one common response that was if we could bring them more walk-ins they were ready to pay,” Sahil shared.

This led to the evolution of Delightags with which they not only gave the foodie a little discount on his bill but were also able to drive more walk-ins to the restaurant. The process is simple – one needs to follow the startup on Twitter and just tweet whenever they feel hungry and are looking for a good deal in Pune.

“One needs to specify what they want; we will find the best deal and direct message them on Twitter. The person needs to just show the message at the restaurant and she can avail the discount,” Sahil shared while explaining how the process works.

Right now the startup is focussing on Pune and has seven restaurants, including Curve, Doolally, Mini Wok, Oryzza, Arc Asia, Burger Barn, and Yolkshire. In the coming days, more names would be announced which would follow on their Twitter account.

But isn’t there a Snapdeal or similar deal sites already existing in the market with better deals, was my question to Sahil.

“Of course there are bigger deal sites but we are targeting those restaurants who avoid such deal sites because they are more brand conscious. We are going slowly and if it all goes well in Pune then we would be keen to serve the Mumbai foodies too,” he added.

Going further Sahil also shared that they are planning to launch a dashboard that would give complete freedom to the restaurant owners to manage their campaigns.

“Right now our processes are manual but we are in the process of developing a dashboard which would give restaurant owners the complete freedom of running different campaigns depending upon day and time. For example Burger Barn can run a campaign on weekdays and a different one on weekends on their own. However, most restaurants are yet not that tech savvy in Pune,” Sahil explained.

Talking about challenges, Sahil addressed that right now reaching out and creating awareness about Delightags is crucial  and they are working on it. However, he made one thing clear that he does not want to do this at the cost of spamming users.

I am pretty excited to give Delightags a try the next time I go out to eat since it not only gives me a chance to avail a discount but also sets me free from being spammed by other deal sites. What about you?