Delhi University Launches Blog As A Discussion Forum On The 4-Year Undergraduate Course

Delhi University has launched a blog for its English foundation course in the four-year undergraduate programme, titled as “Language, Literature and Creativity-II (English)


Delhi University has launched a blog for its English foundation course in the four-year undergraduate programme. Ever since foundation courses were made compulsory for DU students enrolled for the four-year undergraduate programme, the university has been facing criticism. As a solution that is easy and accessible to all, the teachers decided to start a blog, reports Times Of India.


The teachers thought it would be a good idea to have access to a blog as a common discussion forum on the four-year undergraduate course website, for sharing and building additional electronic materials for the classroom,” said Dr. M. Madhusudhan, Dy. Dean, Academics — and also the webmaster of the new blog.

Titled as “Language, Literature and Creativity-II (English),” the blog, hosted on, has set the expectations right with its introduction – The blog gives space for sharing ideas, news and experiences. It also acts as a forum for building additional electronic resources for the use of students and faculty engaging with the course.

Contributions to the blog can be made by writing to the deputy dean at the given email. At present, there are two posts. The first one dated August 24 is about the special orientation modules introduced for the foundation courses. It is also accompanied by visual pictures of the sessions. The second post has slides from a presentation on the use of technology in language teaching.

We don’t know how useful these posts are to the ones they are meant for, these are very early days and it would be exciting to see how it develops. The last time we had seen the use of social media by the Delhi university was when teachers and students joined forces for the ‘Save Delhi University’ campaign. The protests were made against DU’s decision to add another year to its existing 3-year degree programme beginning this July 2013.

Image courtesy: Education Nest