Delhi Traffic Police Nabs 22,000 Traffic Violators Through Facebook

An article discussing the Facebook presence of Delhi Traffic Police

Delhi_Traffic_Police Facebook page

Ever since logging onto Facebook two years ago, the Delhi Traffic Police (DTP) have booked 22,000 traffic offenders through their Facebook page. Delhiites are encouraged to upload incriminating pictures and other details pertaining to traffic offences on the Facebook wall which is kept open. ((Source: IndiaToday))

With the growing traffic menace in the city, the Delhi Traffic Police Facebook page seems to be the most welcome move by the Delhi government. The wall is populated by traffic updates in the city and Delhiites seem to be taking it with a pinch of salt. The About page can give a complex to the  brands that do not know why they exist on Facebook.  Along with the contact details, there is this concise text sharing the page objective, “We made substantial achievements in traffic management in 2010 and 2011. City had less accidents, drunken driving checks are having impact. Powerful people are also getting prosecuted. We intend to make things still better.”

Apart from traffic updates, the content is majorly focussing on information and education relating to good traffic rules. With more than 124K fans and a strong objective of being on Facebook, the Delhi Traffic Police Facebook page seems to have drawn excellent engagement given the number of posts by fans and their interaction with the page updates. But a good cover page is missing.

Here’s a post that has garnered 171 shares, 3202 likes and 571 comments lauding the move. And another by a fan sharing a photo with the required details where a car license plate is against traffic rules.

DTP FB updates

While a majority of fans are participating in this movement and posting pictures relating to traffic offences, there are a few who are really angry with the system! What caught my attention was the response from the page admin. It is also noteworthy to see comments reflecting negative sentiments about the Delhi Traffic Police not being deleted.

A comparison with the Bangalore Traffic Police

In another jam-packed city of Bangalore, we have seen how the Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) is creating  awareness on their Facebook page. Despite just a little more than 39K fans, the BTP Facebook page is impressive. An interesting cover page with complete details in the about section. Content is a mixture of good traffic rules and information about traffic situation in the city.

The wall is open for fans just as the DTP page. Fans are posting traffic jam updates as well as traffic related queries. There is a response from the page admin to the queries. In addition, the BTP also responds to queries relating to other government agencies by directing the fan to the correct agency.

I do not see much of a difference in the DTP and the BTP except that the BTP traffic updates are sometimes purely in Kannada or uses both Kannada and English for an update. While this maybe a city specific feature, the language of the posts must be comprehensible to all. Besides, the BTP posts photos of traffic violators that have been taken by their cameras installed at various locations in Bangalore. But the DTP makes use of the thousands of cameras in the hands of its citizens!

Both the DTP and the BTP can take a leaf from each other to bring about an improvement in road user behaviour. What do you think?