Delhi International Airport Live On Facebook And Twitter

Delhi International Airport Live on Facebook and Twitter

Majority of the Indian businesses today want to reach out to their fans via social media primarily due to two reasons. 1. Social Media is a swift channel of communication and 2. It is also the effective channel of communication. With the same objective, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) launched itself recently on social media. With 59 lakh users present in Delhi and NCR region, Facebook was an obvious choice which also is the most active social network in India. Twitter has also been chosen as another network to engage simultaneously with fans.

Dial Facebook and Twitter Presence

The Facebook page has already acquired nearly four hundred fans within a short span. The landing page is informative and the wall is showing some real good excitement as seen below in one of the discussion threads.

DIAL on Facebook


The Twitter account hasn’t been a letdown. With hundred followers the page is talking to its fans quite efficiently. Twitter is a great network for communication and DIAL has shown the early signs of adopting the traits very quickly.

DIAL on Twitter


The move will be apprised if DIAL continues to listen to fans and help them. Prabhakara Rao, CEO of DIAL had the same to share at the launch :

“We wanted to create an effective channel of communication with our customers, in addition to our already existing means like the feedback forms, information kiosks and email. Facebook and Twitter offer us and our esteemed customers an instant mode of communication and the ability to connect swiftly. Very soon we will be live on other social media platforms as well. Besides providing required information, we intend to send useful updates on airport related facilities, special offers and promotions that we would be undertaking from time to time”


Indian Airports reaching out on social media for getting one step closer to fans is not new. In the past, we have seen CSIA Mumbai launching itself on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. However for CSIA the engagement levels have been great on Twitter rather than Facebook. So DIAL has the challenge to define its content for both the networks and engage simultaneously too. Considering it is just really early days DIAL has shown healthy signs and we hope it takes this further.

As a common man, how effective do you see such moves to be on Facebook and Twitter are, apart from being cool? Do they really solve problems? We are listening…

Source: Aviation India