Delhi Duty Free Fails To Impress On Social Media

A review of Delhi Duty Free's social media presence

Delhi Duty Free, which has a decent presence on Facebook, is now giving fans a chance to win a MINI Cooper by shopping for as little as $50.

Delhi Duty Free Services Pvt. Ltd is a joint venture company between Delhi International Airport Private Limited (DIAL), IDFS Trading’s and Aer Rianta International (ARI). The company that operates at Terminal3 at the India Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is providing an online experience with their website. Taking the experience further, Delhi Duty Free has created a presence on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The company that was launched last December on Facebook has more than 30,000 fans supporting the community. The Twitter community that was launched during the same time has more than 370 followers. To create a stronger bonding, the company has started a tempting contest where users can get lucky to own a MINI Cooper by shopping for as little as $50.

The Facebook App

Delhi Duty Free has created a Facebook app. The app allows you to fill in your details manually or you can allow it to grab the details from your Facebook profile. Once you have done this, you are provided a long list of different products. You would need to select the items that you would want to buy and they should amount exactly to $50. In addition to this, the products should be from at least two different sections.

Just drag the products you want to add in the specified section and save it once you are done.

Is the Facebook App cool?

The app is visually good but from an user experience point of view it is a painful app. The app has a long list of products that forces the fan to scroll down. This methodology of creating app kills the experience. Apart from this, the products need to be dragged and dropped in the sections. Neither this is a good way of doing it nor has it been notified to fans that they will have to drag the product items. It took me a while to understand how the app functions. Also, dragging products is a pain in such a lengthy app!

Besides this, the app had no ‘Terms & Conditions’ which should have been included in the app to provide details of the contest, date, etc.

How good is the campaign?

The campaign is as clueless as the contest is. On the app page it is being said that fans will get goodie bags from Delhi Duty Free. If thats the case then how is the MINI Cooper prize associated to the contest. This is where a Terms & Conditions link or doc helps and should have been on the app.

Facebook content

Apart from this, the content that is being shared on Facebook is either about deals or the contest. Nothing is creative about it.

Similar content on Twitter

The Twitter presence is also on the similar lines. The brand has decided to post updates and the same ones that it is doing on Facebook. I presume if this is the strategy the brand wants to take further then it might as well close the Twitter presence and concentrate on Facebook alone.

Other than the duty free visuals of the items, nothing is appealing for me in the social media activities of Delhi Duty Free. Is it exciting to you?