Delhi Division Northern Railway Provides Train Timings On Facebook

Delhi Division Northern Railway provides train timings on Facebook

Delhi being the capital of India and also the political hubspot has shown amazing initiative towards Facebook. After Delhi Traffic Police, now it is Delhi Division Northern Railway that is providing the latest postion of trains with arrivals and depatures which was confirmed by Northern Railway General Manager, SK Budhalakoti:

“Through the Facebook we are informing the general public about the latest development activities and facilities being provided in the railway station and responding to queries about Railways”

In addition to the present features, one can also find the running positions of the train and their platform numbers at three major stations- New Delhi, Old Delhi and Nizamuddin. The above information is also displayed in Hindi along with English. The information is real time and if you are a person hooked on Facebook then you can quickly check the train timings and get updated in seconds.

The page that was luanched in April has got a huge response from the citizens and boasts of 1789 fans till day. With this strong presence, the page is being managed actively addressing concerns and suggestions as seen in one of the threads on the wall.

Train Status

We appreciate this kind of movement where the Railways are trying to solve problems of people and making their life better by adopting new ways. Though this kind of intiative will require constant monitoring but if managed well, this move could lead to motivating other divisions of railways in India.