Del Monte India Takes A Dig At Competing Brands In #DontBeASucker

Rapper Baba Sehgal is the man leading the #DontBeASucker video in which he raps about why you should go for a canned juice and not be a sucker for tetrapacks


On a recent visit to our local McDonald’s outlet, we were pleasantly surprised to see flavoured drinks in kokum, raw mango and musk melon. For a QSR chain that served food with the usual flavoured sodas like Coke, Pepsi and Fanta, this was new. Then I stumbled upon a report in the Economic Times about ethnic drinks having taken out the fizz of global juice flavours. Juice consumption preferences have shifted in the country.

Indians flavours like mango, litchi, pomegranate and guava, are being preferred over international ones like apple and orange. Aamras, golgappe ka pani are also taking over consumer preferences in metros and mini metros. Further, a Neilson market research study shows that Dabur’s Real leads with a share of 54% in packaged juices, followed by PepsiCo’s Tropicana at 33%, Paper Boat at an overall all-India share of 1.5% has overtaken Del Monte which has a share of 0.6%.

Del Monte India, with its range of unique flavours, is now looking to increase its market share in the country and also become a preferred choice amongst youngsters. In its latest campaign #DontBeASucker, the canned juice maker has taken a stand against blindly following what others do.

From career options to holiday destinations, it says it makes sense to use your head, as you just might find something better than what’s popular. As an aside, Del Monte India is taking a calculated dig at other players in the market, with references to their tetra packs and same old flavour, as opposed to the brand’s chilled cans that are safe and hygienic.

Acclaimed rapper Baba Sehgal is the man leading #DontBeASucker with his rap video for Del Monte. Baba, in his quintessential rap lyrics, explains why you should go for a canned juice and not be a sucker. “Yeh duniya gol chakkar, salt aur shakkar, Baashan dene wale ko tu kabhi follow mat kar, kar ja kar ja karja tu, kar ja tu hat kar, don’t be a sucker,” he begins.

“Arre baat purani hai, Khabki baby yeh tho, Habit ban gayee hai sabki, Botal ya phir ho tetrapack, aankh bandh karke karthe hain saare attack, Juice se bhara hain can, Khol ke pee jao man, Iss mein tho flavour plenty hai, Arre peekar tho kai saare senti hain…,” Baba makes a sideways jibe at Real, Frooti, Paper Boat and others.

Del Monte’s social media platforms are interesting to follow, what with the visuals and gifs convincing fans to not be a sucker. Along with driving views to the Baba Sehgal video, the brand has been making cool references to other brands in little visual stories. In one visual, you can see a group of guys sucking a Frooti look-alike tetrapack. Del Monte has carefully tried to bring a brand connect to the buzz by another hashtag #CanIt, while #FollowMatKar has also been used in many content pieces.

Baba with 48K followers on Twitter has added to the buzz, which is being further amplified by an army of Twitter influencers like Gabbar Singh and others.

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Teaming up with a forever young rapper like Baba Sehgal who has always followed his own heart is a good match in line with the campaign idea of not following others blindly. Besides, a rap video with inane lyrics is something Baba is known for. The concept is buzzy and is designed to have tongues wagging, specially because of the references to Frooti (aam suckita lickita) and other bottled and tetrapack fruit drinks. The mocking rap video is being extended well with witty visuals and gifs on social media, while building a quirky brand voice for itself.

Del Monte is resolutely trying to woo Indians in this war of the ready-to-drink fruit juice market. It’s been successful in talking about its range and differentiated can packaging, but wooing Indian taste buds in this summer is a tough ask, when they are spoilt for choices and desi drinks are one too many.