Dekh Le - Women Empowerment Film By Whistling Woods International Crosses 359K Views In 5 Days

Whistling Woods International (WWI) has released a YouTube video 'Dekh Le' issued in public interest by WWI, The women empowerment film has crossed over 349K views in 5 days

Very often, not just in India but all over the world, it seems that men looking at women in public places somehow think they are watching a display, as though women exist on a television screen. But, in reality, women can see the people staring at them, and those stares can make them feel not only uncomfortable and objectified, but downright unsafe.

To drive awareness on this, Whistling Woods International (WWI), an institute for studies in film, media and fashion, released a YouTube video on December 16, 2013, exactly a year after the horrific rape case in Delhi. Titled ‘Dekh Le’, the video which has been issued in public interest by WWI has crossed over 349K views in 5 days of being launched.

Produced by WWI alumni, Ketan Rana, the film on ‘Women Empowerment’ has four scenarios where women are subjected to the ever-pervasive male gaze while going about their daily lives, whether talking with friends or just riding the bus. But then a reflective surface, be it sunglasses or a necklace, turns these gazes back towards the men.

The message that it communicated is ‘You look ridiculous and creepy, and we can see you.’ Do share and spread the word.