Deep Griha Society, NGO Using Social Media

Deep Griha Society, NGO Using Social Media

Deep Griha Society is an independent charitable organization which was founded in 1975 with the vision to better the lives of people living in the slums of Pune, India. With time Deep Griha has evolved and is using social media for it’s benefit. Social Media is an angel investor for NGO’s and Deep Griha is profoundly using it for creating awareness and support. We were excited to understand the social media efforts of Deep Griha so did an analysis.

The website has a neat, attractive and colorful layout with well defined content. The information flow is smooth and one can access the required content in an easy, intuitive manner. The social presence is remarkable with a Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr account, though at first glance only the Facebook is visible. The other social network widgets are visible when you click the Social networking under ‘Contact Us’ menu option.

Social Media Presence of Deep Griha Society

Facebook: The Facebook wall is displayed quite prominently on the right sidebar of the website with the use of a social plugin. The brands logo forms the profile image. One enters a welcome tab that gives detailed programmes which are again links to other tabs containing the programme details. The tabs are textual and provide for easy to and fro navigation.

TIP:These tabs could have been less of text and more of color though!

For an NGO, the Facebook wall offers the best platform to showcase their offline activities along with pictures and Deep Griha’s Facebook wall excels in this as seen in one of the posts.

Showcasing the Cause

A beautiful example of sharing, engaging and building the community.

Nice Engagement

Presently, there are 315 fans which will grow given the active Facebook state. Displaying a snippet of the Facebook wall on the home page of their website is smart. It makes sense to showcase the active social network than to display an array of social networks you have just registered in but not actively engaging with. Submenu on the fan page have text and also have a Flickr link added. For e.g. ‘City of Child‘ has a Flickr pointer that will take you to the Flickr album category ‘City of Child‘. This is a smart way of integrating two social platforms together and showcasing the work too.

Flickr: They say a picture speaks a thousand words  and the photographs at Flickr speak volumes! All events, celebrations, etc have been categorised within labelled albums. These photos can also be seen with the Gallery menu option.Presently, there are 13 albums that throw a lot of light and color on how they do what they do and where they work.

Blogger: The blog is titled ‘Deep Griha Blog‘ with a complete description below. The layout is neat with well defined areas to display links, recent posts and archives.The archives date back to August 2005 up until November 2009. The frequency of blogging has been excellent in the beginning but dwindled till Nov 09, to altogether stop. The blogposts are around narrations of the various experiences and events.

TIP:We would urge Deep Griha to restart their beautiful blog and make it your mouth piece.

Twitter:The Twitter handle is @deepgriha with an image of their logo as the profile image. The background is interesting with pictures of the kids they have worked with. The account is quite new and as of now there were only 47 tweets.The tweets centered around giving information of the different offline events and showing gratitude to volunteers.

Twitter Talk

TIP: Sharing information is one of the core necessities of the Twitter platform but talking to it’s community of 100 followers will expand it’s network and generate trust. So engagement is must

It’s a genuine effort by Deep Griha Society that should be supported.