De-Mystifying Enterprise 2.0 At #NASSCOMPC

De-mystifying Enterprise 2.0 at #NASSCOMPC


The word social is very cool when it is outside the office premises. For ages, we have used the boring intranet and prehistoric chat messenger as the means of communication at work. However, times are changing and companies also need to be social. But the big question is that they can’t give access to Facebook at work due to company policies. So what should a company do to take this concept of people connecting to people in a business context and also from the aspect of crowdsourcing? Is Enterprise 2.0 the answer? Well that is what the panel Vijay Doddavaram, Gautam Ghosh, Sumeet Anand were out there to de-mystify Enterprise 2.0 with Vivek Paul hosting it.


Before thinking that Enterprise 2.0 is the next big thing, organizations should look into their problems. A tool is just a way but one needs to find out their problem was the initial thoughts from Vijay. Gautam who had been into human resource in his past pointed out that large enterprises are simply not ready for Enterprise 2.0. One of the big reasons is resistance. People are not comfortable with how people will react when I share my work and what kind of feedback will I get. Gautam also pointed out that to implement Enterprise 2.0 successfully, a cultural shift will be required.

Moving forward Vivek asked Sumeet about the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 in organizations. Sumeet felt that knowledge was always social but the biggest reason why it has failed over the years is because the tool was first and the problem was quite behind.  Same thoughts were echoed by Vijay earlier. Sumeet also shared the recipe to success of Enterprise 2.0:

1. Purpose in place then the tool.

2. Are your people part of it and is the culture ready for this?

3. Look at the usability aspect of your technology.


The recipe was further refined by Vivek as:

1. Clarity of purpose a must.

2. Bring the right people and get your evangelists on board.

3. Start small as this will help in knowing what discussions are happening.


So how long do we need to wait before such changes happen was a question from the audience?

Sumeet who has been watching the Enterprise 2.0 market very closely shared that he is seeing the change. He also added that people take time and within next five years he is optimistic to see the shift and he also broke the notion that social platforms make people less productive.


Great! How do you change the mindset of the HR people who think that social is a waste of time was another apt question from the audience?

To this Vivek replied that all cars need a break and engine to work smoothly. The work of HR is to put brakes so try to find your engines or evangelists who will make things happen in the organization.



Personally, after working in small and large companies over the last six years I think this is going to take time. Resistance and Cultural shift are going to be the main blockades. However, I think we had the same notion when email came into existence. Today emails are a part of work life.

I am not sure if Enterprise 2.0 is the answer but as Vjay expressed that we need to find the problem and then apply the tool. So the problem today is that employees have no mode of engagement apart from the boring intranet and chat messenger. If Enterprise 2.0 is the way forward then so be it.