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An article on Doordarshan National TV On Social Media and how it can tweak it's social media presence

I grew up in the age when Doordarshan was the only dominant channel and my childhood fantasies were fueled by serials like RamayanByomkesh BakshiMungeri Lal Ke Haseen SapneBharat Ek Khoj, etc. I am sure some of you may lived the same excitement. But with time and the growing competition, DD could not live upto expectations and so it eroded as a household name. But then it is reviving itself once again by creating a social media presence and a community to back it. Must say it is a much needed adoption of social media, considering the times where even print and TV are getting into social media.

Doordarshan at present has a presence on Facebook  and Twitter.

Doordarshan National on Facebook:

Doordarshan_National Facebook
Facebook Content

The Facebook journey for Doordarshan started on 5th May, 2012 and from then the progress has been decent. With more than 180 fans on Facebook, I am in awe of the content it is spreading. Not only is the page sharing the current programs that are going to be played but it is posting content from old serials as well. For example, it shared the signature tune of Doordarshan, the epic picture from the serial – Vikram aur Vetaal among other updates.

I am sure that content like this will definitely pull crowd towards it and will organically raise the engagement bar. Besides this the cover page is not only cool but follows the guidelines and the content posting is regular. In a nut shell, the Facebook presence is well aligned with its objective of awareness about the age old channel and trying to create a space among the young guns.

But there are some improvement areas in Facebook and one of them is making use of the timeline feature. Presently, it has one life event added that is when it was founded. It would be really good if the team at Doordarshan can add those amazing serials and achievements to the timeline. This will not only make people like me go nostalgic but it will be a source of information for the younger generation. I am sure there is a lot to share about a channel which is more than 50 years old.

Doordarshan National on Twitter:

The Twitter page of Doordarshan National has been a disappointment. The page which has gathered more than 770 followers is only conversing with influencers, ignoring the real followers that are growing its community on Twitter. Besides this, the content that is being shared is a replica of Facebook. The team at Doordarshan has to understand that Twitter and Facebook are two different social networks and they survive on different grounds. So it’s time they wake up and chalk out a different strategy for Twitter otherwise they would be following the same route that Manmohan Singh’s team is doing on Twitter. Hope these pointers could help:

1. Twitter is a medium for one-to-one conversations and you can always start with a simple thank you note to people who are retweeting your content or spreading the positive word about you.

2. Talking to influencers is good but at the same time you should not be forgetting your own followers. Otherwise, very soon the Twitter account will be a ghost town.

3. Copying the same content from Facebook is really not cool. You can do that at times but give a different reason for your followers to be a part of your community on Twitter. Maybe you can start interesting hashtags and that could make fans talk about you on Twitter. #ddmemories could be a good hashtag to start with.

Is the move cool?

The move is a much needed and a cool one when all other private channels like SonyStar, etc. have created huge presence and driving amazing engagement. Doordarshan has its own positives and I am sure if it could tweak it’s Twitter along with the Facebook then it surely can do well.

These are really very early days though and hopefully with time we should see improvements.

Have you given a look at the social media presence of Doordarshan? Do share your tips on how they can improve.