Chilli Paneer Season 2: DBS Bank Brings In Interactive Storytelling Where Viewers Become Storytellers

Review of Chilli Paneer Season 2, a first-of-its kind interactive digital ad film in India by DBS Bank where viewers decide the course of the story

dbs chilli paneer 2

Brands are blending into our lives much better in this digital age. With storytelling being the key focus in most advertising campaigns last year, we are now being treated to innovative forms of storytelling, as in the second season of the ‘Chilli Paneer’ film – a first-of-its kind interactive digital ad film in India.

Asia’s leading financial services group, DBS Bank India had launched ‘Chilli Paneer Season 1‘ last September marking the bank’s foray into digital storytelling. The film witnessed over 1.2 million views across platforms. However, this season it’s making storytellers out of the viewers. As the video unfolds, viewers can create their own story by making choices during the course of the film!

Chilli Paneer Season 1 made up of four episodes told the sweet love story of Ken Chang, a boy from Singapore and Asha Rao, a girl from Mumbai, both of whom share a common passion for food. Starring Tilottama Shome and Hero Tai as lead actors, the film blended food, love, dreams and the seamless integration of banking into our lives.

Through the four episodes, a viewer was taken through their chance meeting at an ATM to their budding love story and finally setting up their own restaurant in Mumbai, with DBS Bank relationship manager always by their side.

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But, Chilli Paneer Season 2 not only carries forward Ken and Asha’s love story but also allows viewers to play the sous chef to the film and design their own version of the love story. The film has four decision points where Ken and Asha would face a particular situation and need the viewer’s help in deciding what to do. The interactivity is designed such that anytime during the film, a viewer can change its course. Thus the film has 8 possibilities to the story.

Based on the kind of decisions a viewer makes and the ending they choose, their personality type is assessed and shared with them. They can then share their experience with their friends through Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons, and find out whose personality type matches with theirs.

So this time one slips into the shoes of Ken, faces their situations and suggests them what to do, as they go on their dream vacation to Goa. No matter what one chooses the love story always has a happy ending!

DBS Bank India’s ‘Chilli Paneer Season 2’ has SapientNitro as the creative and technology partner for the campaign.

Just as in the first season, the second season is also hosted on the ‘Chilli Paneer film’ website where the interactivity can be experienced best. Here’s the YouTube video link to the interactive film where I discovered I’m a gentleman and a go-getter based on the choices I made:

The campaign is supported by dedicated social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, the website features the film, cast, season 1 episodes and a contest where participants need to take part in the Friday contests on the Facebook and Twitter pages of Chilli Paneer. While maximum likes for quirky user responses can win vouchers from BookMyShow, the grand prize is return tickets to Singapore for a couple!

Co-creation with consumers meets digital storytelling

DBS Bank India brings in a whole new dimension to digital storytelling with ‘Chilli Paneer Season 2′. Although Chilli Paneer 2 continues to take viewers through flavors of food, love and possibilities, the added layer of interactivity lets consumers live the story rather than watch it unfold. Enabling consumers to choose the course of the story gets them to better experience the bank and how it can help in various ways depending on consumers’ needs.

The social sharing feature coupled with the contests and relevant prizes adds on to the user interactivity feature. Revealing interesting user personality traits makes it an appealing one too, especially along with the ability to share it with one’s social connections.

So, if Chilli Paneer 1 marks the first love story in the Indian Banking space, Chilli Paneer 2 is the first-of-its kind interactive ad film in the Indian BFSI space. To sum up, Chilli Paneer Season 2 can be called as an ambitious digital led campaign for the new age ambitious consumer who needs smart banking on the go.