Day One For Superstar Rajinikanth On Twitter, 90K Followers And Still Counting

Super star Rajnikant joins Twitter today ahead of the release of his much-talked about film Kochadaiiyaan.

Twitter gets verified today as super star Rajinikanth joined the social network. Jokes apart the iconic celebrity Rajinikanth joined Twitter today, ahead of the release of his much-talked about film Kochadaiiyaan. The movie directed by his younger daughter Soundarya R. Ashwin, is releasing on Friday.

The Twitter handle @SuperStarRajini is already catching the fancy of fans on Twitter. While most of them are not leaving any opportunity to bask in the glory of their super star joining on Twitter, others are busy tweeting their one liners and hoping to get more retweets.

The superstar has stated that: “I’ve always believed that my career graph is a miracle I owe my fans. I have been contemplating joining the social media platform for a while to connect with them, hear what they have to say and share my thoughts. Unfortunately, I never got around to it until now.”

On joining Twitter, the Tamil icon has shared that, “I decided to start with Twitter because I felt that the platform is abuzz with all the news and the trends that happen across the globe and I’m told that this is where all the best Rajini one-liners are.”

CA Media Digital’s first venture, Fluence - a celebrity digital network, has been awarded the responsibility to manage the digital presence. After some initial goof ups the agency is not doing a bad job but will fans see the real Thalaivar tweeting or interacting with fans on Twitter?

Twitter India which has been pushing celebrities to join the network to get more traction sounds happy and is promoting the star joining the network too. To make it memorable fans from all over the world, who follow him on @SuperStarRajini in the first week, will receive a ‘WelcomeGraph’, a personalised welcome picture from the icon. Fans are already receiving them. The personalized or automated strategy is nothing new for Twitter as it has already been implemented at various occasions. However for true fans this would mean a lot.

The superstar’s account has one tweet so far where he has a welcome message for fans on Twitter. The account has already got more than 90K Twitter followers and I am sure it won’t be too late before he beats all the so called Twitter celebrities, since the real celebrity is on Twitter now. His first tweet has got nearly 5K retweets.

The super star has also left a video message for his fans and you wouldn’t want to give it a miss.

Image credit: wallpaperhdfree