#ISayYes: Datsun India Uses The Power Of Stories To Woo The Aspirational Millennial

Adopting a powerful assertion like #ISayYes armed with a good dose of storytelling has helped establish a brand image that values Gen Y’s attitude towards life


How does a brand seek a healthy connect with today’s generation? How does it build a positive brand image that’s in keeping with the times, as well as create a unique positioning for itself? Well, most brands are choosing the beaten path of connecting to the millennial generation – partner in their journey, help fulfil their dreams, walk with them, or simply stand for a positive assertion that makes them go, ‘Yes!’

In a campaign launched this year, we see the literal use of ‘yes’ by a millennial-targeting automaker. Nissan Motors’ third global brand, Datsun is having a keen eye on young India. With Datsun India’s latest hatchback ‘redi-Go’ set to be unveiled this April, the automaker had rolled out ‘#ISayYes’, an aspirational campaign to bond with the young generation this year.

A teaser video marked the launch of the campaign that has been followed with a series of video stories based on a young boxer, a coder and a dancer. The brand’s been inviting people to join the conversation using the campaign hashtag. Brand related conversations on social media platforms are being tracked with #ISayYes and curated at the brand page designed for the campaign.

This coder said no to a safe software job, and instead chose to explore his own interests in coding. The minute-long story takes us through his nonstop journey of cracking the code, for a design he has created. Towards the end, the coder is met with a standing applause at a talk, while the dialogues tell you what’s been keeping him awake all this while: his dream to develop the right code, his #ISayYes attitude to his dreams. The film ends with him driving a Datsun.

A dancer says no to mediocrity, and instead chooses to go all the way to get the best out of herself. The minute-long video takes a viewer through her ceaseless practice sessions often involving tremendous physical pain and exhaustion, to finally emerge victorious at a dance performance.

The third video is based on a boxer who is ready to give it his all. The minute-long video takes us through his grueling practice sessions, long hours of training and giving it all he has. At the end, he is seen winning the bout.

Well executed with a relevant brand message, the video stories - with shorter versions as TVC’s - have been remade in regional languages too. Along with running the films as promoted tweets on Twitter, Datsun India’s Facebook and Twitter handles have been engaging users with the help of visual content, and inviting them to share their story.

Relevant visuals have been designed to build conversations around #ISayYes, with a variety of passionate dreamers. The brand has chosen offbeat creative pursuits to drive home the message, while sprinkling in some promotional messages for its range of cars.

As part of the #ISayYes campaign, Datsun partnered with Magic Bus, an organization that helps underprivileged children get a decent livelihood for the Flagbearers campaign. Being a sponsor of ICC WT20, Flagbearers saw almost 200 underprivileged children walk hand-in-hand with cricketers on the field during the matches.

Strong message meets good storytelling

Today’s generation doesn’t just buy from a brand. Gen Y looks for a brand that is in line with its values and personal belief system. The new-age consumer is no more a passive buyer, who is sold on product promotions that focus solely on its functionality and benefits. The purpose of marketing, therefore, has shifted to creating a brand story complete with a strong identity and values. Datsun India’s approach to building an identity is in perfect alignment with today’s generation that prefers to walk its own path.

Adopting a powerful assertion like #ISayYes armed with a good dose of storytelling has helped establish a brand image that values this generation’s attitude towards life. And a brand that looks like a reflection of the new generation wins the game. Decent engagement and storytelling on digital from Datsun’s #ISayYes has helped establish that in consumer minds, and a strong positioning in the crowded car market.

Besides, enabling underprivileged children to dream big, adds further impetus to its values system, and #ISayYes campaign as well. Along with getting people to share their stories, the brand can look to building a culture, a community of #ISayYes people who are driven by purpose. Perhaps not a celebrity, but youngsters who said no to mediocrity and yes to chasing their own dreams. Nissan’s Datsun needs to now rope in some real life heroes whose lives exemplify the #ISayYes attitude. Ever since last year, several brands catering millennials have roped in real life achievers who bring alive the brand’s purpose.