Daikin India’s ‘Cool A School’ Leverages Social Media. Says 1 Million Views = 1 More School

A look at the social media efforts for Daikin India's 'Cool A School' campaign, where the brand will provide cooling solutions for every 1 million views on an awareness film created for the same

Social media can be a great tool for running a corporate social responsibility campaign. But, often these can be looked at with suspicion, as in the case of Daikin’s ‘Cool a School’ campaign.  Last month, Daikin India, a 100% subsidiary of Daikin Japan and a manufacturer of commercial and residential air conditioning systems, had launched its ambitious CSR campaign of cooling government aided schools in the hottest rural areas of the country. Children in these parts often skip school to avoid the heat, as schools are also at quite a distance from home. And Daikin hopes to keep them back in school, by providing cooling solutions.

In exchange for the good deed, Daikin had asked people to watch a film that highlights the plight of these children and how Daikin’s air conditioning the school helped in getting them to stay at school.  But Daikin’s demand for a million views to cool one school, did not go down well with the online crowd. Some said asking for a million views is too cheap for a school, while many others including mainstream media called it a scam in the name of CSR.

Daring all such perceptions on the campaign, Daikin India has moved on to the second phase of the campaign. As reported by Best Media Info, Daikin has already donated five ACs to the Government Senior Secondary School in Neemrana, Rajasthan, and is also sponsoring their maintenance. Going forward the company seeks to adopt sustainable methods for its cooling solutions across more schools.

Leveraging social media

The demand for a million views has not been achieved as yet, but the cooling seems to be going on. Nevertheless, the video that has close to 2 lakh views is being promoted on the social media channels of Daikin India. Aside that, the core message has been altered to reflect the brand’s call for a million views being about creating greater awareness. 1 million views = 1 school cooled has now transformed to 1 million views = 1 more school, supplemented with a line stating ‘More views = more awareness = more ideas to get children to school’.

Daikin India’s Facebook page has been running a series of engagement activities on the wall. The 128K strong fan base has been invited to share their memories of school - class pictures, favourite subjects, teachers, and more. In addition, one can also become a Daikin Social Hero by sharing feasible cooling solutions. The following is an update that shares ideas submitted through Twitter.

Daikin India, which has 1.6k followers on Twitter, has been leveraging Twitter as much as possible. Twitter, being the conversational medium, has been used to connect, spread and gain more participation in ‘Cool a School’. The content and approach remains similar as on Facebook, but both platforms are encouraging more views for the video.

Apparently, the brand has taken a step back, given a good amount of thought to it and then proceeded with its campaign bringing in clarity to the million views demand. Also, the content on social media networks now involves the user in the brand’s cause, and not just asks her to watch the video and spread it. Visuals of the school and the children adorn the Facebook and Twitter pages. Asking fans to share their school memories, in addition to sustainable cooling solutions, is only adding to the awareness campaign.

You can help ‘Cool a School’ by watching and sharing this video: