Daikin India’s ‘Cool A School’ Aims To Provide Cooling Solutions To Rural Schools. 1 Million Views = One School Cooled

Daikin India's CSR campaign ‘Cool a School aims to adopt one school at a time in rural India and provide cooling solutions for it. For 1 million views on the awareness film, Daikin will provide sustainable cooling solutions for one school

Corporate social responsibility campaigns are on the rise this year. Or perhaps we are made to believe so by such campaigns that are venturing in to social media to a larger extent this year. But, social media is a double-edged sword, remember? One has got to be brave and transparent to leverage the medium fully, apart from initiating a very convincing cause.

The most recent CSR campaign doing the rounds is ‘Cool a School’ by Daikin India, a 100% subsidiary of Daikin Japan and a manufacturer of commercial and residential air conditioning systems. Children in rural India have to travel long distances to go to school even in intense heat and sometimes many stop attending school because of this. Daikin’s ‘Cool a School’ aims to adopt one school at a time in rural India and provide cooling solutions for it. And the plan is to start with Neemrana in Rajasthan.

Daikin is asking us to join the cause by merely viewing and sharing a film that throws light on the plight of these school kids. With a million views, Daikin claims there will be more awareness leading to more participation and ideas to cool a school. With every other million views support, Daikin will extend its sustainable cooling solutions to another rural school.

Uploaded on May 24th, the video stats show 41K+ views, that might get a boost with the brand’s social media activities around it. A dedicated microsite gives more information about the initiative, and the solutions that are being explored -  landscaping, reflective barriers, green roofs, selective air conditioning among others.

Also, Daikin’s Facebook  page that has a new cover photo, had shared quite a few teaser updates a week prior to the film’s release. The 125K strong fan base have now been invited to view the film and join the cause for sustainable cooling solutions. The same can be seen on Daikin India’s Twitter page for its 1.3K followers, often using #CoolASchool in its tweets.


It is undoubtedly a noble initiative by a company that delves into providing cooling solutions, unlike a certain section of media that has disregarded it as a scam. But executing a CSR campaign on social media is always tricky. Nevertheless, in this scenario, it would be interesting to see how the campaign shapes up to get the first  million views. Daikin will have to resort to support through social media and get brand advocates to further the cause.