Dabur Vatika Relaunches But Misses To Excite On Facebook

About Dabur Vatika's relaunch strategy on Facebook and how it misses to generate any excitement


Talking about brand endorsements and product relaunches, we have seen quite a lot of them happening in the FMCG sector, with one event usually succeeding the other. Recently, Dabur India’s Vatika hair care brand had relaunched in a premium range and the brand roped in actor Priyanka Chopra to endorse the new avatar. The new range of Dabur Vatika premium natural shampoo includes products with natural ingredients like henna, olives, tea tree oil and lemons. ((Source: Pitch))

Assuming that the social media channels of the brand would definitely be replete with promotions for the new product and how it is more advanced than its previous version, I jumped to the Facebook page of Dabur Vatika  to explore more. Relaunches on the digital medium are getting exciting by the day but sometimes it could dash your expectations, as it did mine. All I could see was this updated cover page featuring Priyanka.


Improved haircare products for the winters and that too with no harmful chemicals are always welcome, so I was looking forward to know more on the page. However, there were hardly any timeline updates regarding the change, but many apps to describe the new products. I was expecting teasers, quizzes and more that would have helped the brand generate some excitement. Instead, I was more confused.

One app called ‘Bestever‘ designed to let users discover the premium range asked me to like the page, but then has been giving the 404 error ever since. Besides, the page is running a contest in an app called ‘Search for the Vatika Star’, where fans have to switch to using Vatika enriched coconut oil and they stand the chance to feature in the next Vatika ad. Interestingly, the app featured Genelia D’souza Deshmukh, the actor who has been endorsing the brand earlier. Participation involves sending your picture along with the batch number of the bottle you buy, either through a given email or you can send the wrapper to the given address.

It is surprising to see promotions like this in the social media age; the brand could have very well been running such contests in newspapers or womens’ magazines. Content creation for a product, largely targeted at women should be quite easy on Facebook at least. But, there does not seem to be a relaunch strategy in place. Hopefully, the brand should come up with something soon!