Dabur Vatika Redefines Beauty In Its New #BraveAndBeautiful Ad Film

Hair care brand Dabur Vatika's latest ad film 'Brave and Beautiful' celebrates woman cancer survivors and is also inviting them to share their stories

Dabur Vatika Facebook

Hair care brand, Dabur Vatika has made a brave move in its latest ad film. Titled ‘Brave and Beautiful, the ad campaign salutes woman cancer survivors by featuring the story of a young mother reclaiming her regular life post cancer.

Conceptualised by Linen Lintas and produced by Film Farm, the 4-minute film strikes a deep chord with its powerful storytelling.

The film starts with a bald woman waking up to look at her former self in a photograph with a man. While we see that she has beautiful, luxurious hair in the picture, the scene then moves to her wrists holding the photo frame – they are riddled with needle marks, all suggesting to the viewer that the woman has survived chemotherapy sessions to fight cancer. As the alarm goes off, we see the man in the photograph sleeping besides.

She then proceeds with her morning chores of waking up her daughter, getting her breakfast and ready for school, while her supportive husband nods on. The scene then moves on to her getting ready to go to her workplace; while at first she chooses a western attire with a shawl tied up like a turban to cover her head, she changes her mind and ends up with a simple saree. While putting on the bindi, the husband comes over to put the bindi on the side of her forehead instead, wishing to ward off evil eyes on her beauty.

The same is then followed up by her colleagues at work after she makes a very difficult, hesitant entry to her workplace after a long time. While one female colleague puts her own bindi beside the one put by her husband, another colleague is seen putting the kajal from her eyes. The rest of the staff welcome her back while she is seen looking on bravely with tears in her eyes.

The film ends with a close up of the bald beauty, her eyes reflecting the brave battle with cancer. The blurb says, “Some people don’t need hair to look beautiful.”

The film is beautifully expressed by the song ‘Tu faulad, Tu phool’, sung by singer and composer Salim Merchant with music by Haneef Shaikh.

Building buzz on social

Uploaded on the Dabur Vatika YouTube channel on the 31st of December, 2014, the video has already garnered over a million views till date. The Facebook and Twitter pages of Dabur Vatika have been creating buzz and conversations around the campaign hashtag #BraveAndBeautiful.

The hair care brand has been inviting cancer survivors to share their story. Apart from driving views to the ad film, content on social media is also focused on sharing inspiring quotes from famous cancer survivors.

From outer beauty to inner beauty

Cancer is a dreaded disease often leading patients and their family through long drawn battles for survival. The problem is even acute when a woman is fighting cancer; losing hair due to extensive chemotherapy to never regrow any of it, is a big blow on her self esteem. She requires all the support she can get from her family and friends, including her inner strength to get back to normal life. The Dabur Vatika Brave and Beautiful campaign has triggered a social movement in the way we need to treat woman cancer survivors. By saluting them the hair care brand has paved the path for society.

It has also helped establish a stronger brand proposition for the hair care brand that until now was all about how its products could get you thick, lustrous hair. With ‘Brave and Beautiful’, Dabur is braving a spot with the FMCG majors like P&G and Hindustan Unilever, brands that have evolved from product benefits to emotional and aspirational messages in their campaigns.

It would be interesting to watch how real cancer survivor stories would be celebrated by Dabur Vatika. That would define the memorability of this brave campaign.