This Toilet Cleaner Brand Boosts The Most Timely Initiative On #WorldToiletDay

Dabur Sanifresh '700 se 7 kadam' campaign leverages online and social media to mobilise people to be a part of the movement towards building toilets for women

Sanifresh 700se7kadam

Humans may be ahead in the digital age but we have certainly lost out in the measure of human dignity. When a country has more smartphones than toilets for its people, you know there is an urgent need for introspection, and correction. With November 19 being observed as World Toilet Day all over the globe, toilet cleaning brand, Dabur Sanifresh has launched a social media driven movement to help them build toilets in India.

While research highlights the sorry state of sanitation in the country, it has also thrown light on the horrendous side effects of not having access to a toilet that directly affects women. The issues include anything from exposure to water-borne diseases to being easy victims of rape.

Hence Dabur’s initiative to build toilets for women is the apt call by a brand. The campaign titled ‘700se7kadam’ brings out stories of the many rural women in India who have it really hard when it comes to relieving themselves every day. The campaign - designed in association with digital agency Ogilvy One - is powered by a video and a microsite that features these stories.

This is the story of Lakshmi who has to walk nearly 700 steps just to relieve herself, battling fatigue, snakes, and more. The campaign hopes to reduce the 700 steps to only 7 steps by building a toilet for her.

The site features more stories about women from the villages of India and the price they pay for not having access to a toilet at home.

The campaign works like this: ‘700se7kadam’ is asking people to do any or all of seven tasks and the brand will contribute Re. 1 from the sale of every pack towards building toilets. The tasks could be any of these: share the story, take a pledge, notify the brand when a locality does not have a toilet, invite your friends and family on Facebook, tweet about the movement using the hahstag #700se7kadam, share about the initiative on your social networks

The campaign has been creating buzz on the brand’s Facebook page since last month, but the big boost has happened owing to ‘World Toilet Day’ today. Here are a few visuals shared by the Sanifresh Facebook page, that helped build the visual storytelling, together with Lakshmi’s story:

Dabur sanifresh 700se7kadam

Sanifresh does not have a dedicated Twitter handle but Dabur India’s Twitter handle has been actively involved in promoting the campaign. Campaign conversations have been triggered on Twitter and these can be tracked by following the campaign hashtag #700se7kadam.

Timely, relevant and engaging

Only boosting our ambitious PM’s call for a ‘toilets for all’ and a ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission, this Dabur Sanifresh campaign is well timed for a toilet cleaner brand. Of late, the country has been gripped with the news of girls going missing or being raped when they ventured out late evening to relieve themselves.

Apart from having ‘700 se 7 kadam’ serve as an interesting catch phrase for the toilet building movement, the campaign makes excellent use of online and social media to mobilise people to be a part of the movement. By getting them to pledge, share and inform their connections on social media, the campaign has made active and proud participants out of them. The human psyche feels a certain sense of pride when it knows it has done good.

A CSR campaign, like any other, where the brand contributes a portion of its sales, but the difference lies in the people participation here. The Dabur Sanifresh ‘700 se 7 kadam’ campaign is well-timed, relevant and engaging, thus serving the larger interests of the brand’s CSR initiatives.