Cruxlight Makes Reading On Internet Easier And Intelligent

A review of Cruxlight which is a Chrome browser extension that makes reading over the internet easy and smart.


This is a guest post by Amit Rawat who is an IT Consultant – Networking & Apple Solutions.

We are living it up in the age of information but going by the volume of information available, it has to be termed as the “Age Of Information Overload.” So what do you do when you have to search for that ‘particular information’ section or bit. Well here is where Cruxbot tries to help out with its new product Cruxlight.

Launched on Feb 6, 2022 it simplifies this process by automatically summarizing the article and highlighting summary on page. Necessity is the mother of invention, well it holds true in this case too. The idea popped up when Nirmit Parikh (Co-Founder and CEO, Cruxbot) was discussing issues users face while searching through related pages for specific piece of information.

CruxBot engine powers Cruxlight which uses algorithms to remove the unwanted information thus giving the user the exact information being searched and desired by the user.

How does Cruxlight work?

Cruxlight, which is a Chrome browser extension, gives you the following features when you click while reading over the Internet.

1) Highlighted summary: Going through hundreds of web pages for finding particular content can be quite a challenge for people nowadays. Cruxlight helps ease up this effort by automatically summarizing the article and highlighting summary on page. The highlighted summary can be increased or decreased depending on your need. A feature that Google Plus also provides to control activities on your network. In addition to this, the extension pulls up the important keywords around which the whole article revolves.

The below screen grab gives you a glimpse of how the browser extension works. Cruxlight has kept its Focus on the selected keywords such as Graph Search, News Feed, etc. which you can click and get a synopsis of the article.


2) Clutter-free interface: Cluttered layouts are overwhelming, right? Not anymore. Read summary or original article in Cruxlight’s clutter-free interface. So no more ads or popups to distract your reading.

3) Summary length: It also provides you options regarding the length of summary i.e. you can change the length of the summary on the basis of information required and time at hand. The original article can be made into medium or small article depending on your interest. When clicked on short summary of the article, the extension provides the time saved by doing such activity.

The browser is also serious in getting feedback on its intelligent activities, so you have the option to report if the summary was bad.

4) Share – Save: In case you want to share some important/interesting article, you can share on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The browser also provides read it later options with Evernote and Pocket.

5) Customization: In addition to the fixed set of options, Cruxlight provides you with a number of customization options. Don’t want Cruxlight to work on a particular website? Add it to your personal blacklist. Don’t want pop-up, but want summary? Disable pop-up for all domains. You can even change theme for reading interface. Right-click on webpage or canvas icon to configure options.

Cruxlight surely is a great app for those who value their time and effort while searching the precise information they are looking for with ease. Some of the intelligent features of Cruxlight could be exciting if they add on with read it later apps like Pocket.

Or does Cruxlight have future plans to build one of its own ‘read it later’ apps and make it more intelligent with its cool features?