Crowdnub - Run Your Social Media Campaigns From One Platform

A review of Crowdnub, a social media marketing app that simplifies the process of building apps and managing campaigns for your social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


A review of Crowdnub, a social media marketing app that simplifies the process of building apps and managing campaigns for your social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Note: This review has been done using the free trial.

I remember when we started up almost a year ago, building a custom, well designed and glitch-free app for a Facebook page was one of the biggest challenges that we faced given that we came from non-technical backgrounds. Though creating a basic app didn’t require hardcore technical knowledge, it still was not easy to create and successfully run apps serving a variety of purposes. Fast forward to present and I see a very useful app in the form of Crowdnub to create apps without hassles.

Crowdnub is a social marketing platform created by Adepto Solutions, the makers of Trolly, a social commerce solution. Crowdnub, in simple words, allows you to create an app to run questions-based contests, polls and rewards programmes on your Facebook page without you requiring any technical know-how. It is based on Adepto’s philosophy of ‘1-app methodology’ wherein all your social media needs are addressed by a single app which would work across all social networks and devices.

How does it all work?

To begin with, you need to fill up a short and simple form and you are ready to start using this ‘on-demand software’. You are greeted by the ‘help’ video which shows how you can create campaigns and run them. Once you are done with it, you can start creating your own campaign app which is just a 3-step process.

In the first step, you are required to “Configure Campaigns” by naming the campaign and set the duration and targeting depending upon the various demographical options.

crowdnub Dashboard

The second step is where you start building your campaign by creating “Engagements”. It allows you to form questions-based contests in five ways – as multiple choice questions, range-based (remember Trolly?), map-based, hotspot-based and user generated content-based. You can add a supporting image or video for every type of question you create and add a few words relating to it as description, trivia, etc. You can also provide a URL which is useful in driving the user to your site or anywhere else you want him to go.


Once you have created all the questions or ‘engagements’ as Crowdnub terms it, you can move on to setting up the Rewards programme. You get the option to give either virtual or real rewards. The virtual rewards system with badges and leaderboards is in place by default while real rewards can be anything, say, a voucher.


Last but not the least, integrating your campaign with your Facebook page. You can do it any time during the campaign creation process. All you need to do is go to settings, choose ‘Facebook Integration’ and login from the account which holds the admin rights of the particular page. Choose the page on which you want to add the app and your campaign creation is complete. A tab is created on the particular page instantly after you complete filling up the details.

Incidentally, you can also customise the colour scheme of your ‘engagements’ along with the name and image which would appear on the tab and a host of other cosmetic changes. You can also enable fan-gating and Open Graph actions which allow posting user’s activities on their timeline without requiring their permission. And lastly, Crowdnub also lets you draft your own Terms & Condtions and Privacy Policy too.

How good is it?

On the whole, I liked Adepto’s concept of ‘1-app methodology’. You don’t need to know FBML or any other language to set up a questions-based contest, poll or survey. The best part about Crowdnub is the seamless integration of the app on your Facebook page. It is too easy and convenient to create an app and get it running. It also gives you an option to move your app to another page which is again, a breeze. Because it uses Open Graph there is a high likelihood of your app/contest getting more than expected traction in the social sphere.

Along with the execution of the campaigns, Crowdnub provides you insights in the form of Reports. You can see three major sections in a report - 1) User Activity 2) App Activity and 3) Action & Rewards. I didn’t have much activity listed in the report since I had created campaigns for writing this review.

However, the free version doesn’t allow flash applications to be used as ‘engagements’ and my guess is that it might be a part of the paid version. The free version lacks other various ways of engagement but my guess is that they might be present in the paid version or must be listed in the to-do list of the app.

The paid version of Crowdnub allows you to play around with features like building a totally customised app with no branding from Crowdnub, Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics apart from general app insights, Twitter and LinkedIn functionalities and other such additional features that they talk about on their website.

Built on the similar lines of Involver, ShortStack, etc. Crowdnub is a big move in the direction of social media campaign management from one single dashboard. This should be a great respite to brands or SME’s who are running social media in-house but are hesitant to play around with the tech part while running campaigns. Crowdnub is the answer to their problem.

So have you used it? How did you like it? I would be more than happy to know about it. Do let me know your views as to how useful you think it can be.