Croma Promotes A Social Cause On Women’s Day Through #aWomanWants

About the #aWomanWants CSR campaign by Croma, where the retail brand spread the word about its social cause of girl's education. The campaign had a surprise twist touching the emotions of the community.


Most active twitteraties must have not missed the top trend on Twitter beginning this March. I am referring to #aWomanWants that was trending for the longest time on Twitter. And, while all of us added our two cents as to what a woman wants, the conversations grew and ended up into something beautiful for the cause of women’s education. This is the story of retail brand, Croma Retail’s corporate social responsibility campaign that came with a surprise twist in the end!

For Women’s day, Croma Retail and its digital agency, Interface Business Solutions wanted to do something more than just celebrate the spirit of womanhood. The brand wanted to bring about a change in society and more importantly, act as an enabler towards the change.  After looking at the various entities with respect to women in India, ‘girl education’ was found to be one of the most neglected phenomena, as far as brand space is concerned.

The Twitter campaign with a twist

Awomanwants_trendCroma  partnered with NGO, Concern India Foundation to weave out a win-win campaign. Beginning March 1st till March 8th, on the sale of every Croma branded product, the brand would give a percentage of the money to the charity to help educate a hundred young girls. This was promoted through Twitter by asking twitteraties to tweet with #aWomanWants and share all that they thought a woman wanted.

Evidently, the trend caught on with the cool hashtag coupled with it being a Friday. Soon it topped the trends on Twitter and even made it to the top ten world Twitter trends.

Meanwhile, the agency got in touch with a few people who were participating in the trend, much to their surprise really. One of them was shortlisted based on her convenience to feature in a short film where she would highlight all of her responses to #aWomanWants. And, this is what came out of it:

Effective storytelling

The girl portrayed the basic need for education and not material wants. The real objective behind the campaign was revealed and the trend had struck an emotional chord with the community bringing in support for the initiative. Had the story been shared without the twist, it would not have created even half the impact. Also, the choice of the social media platform has enabled greater impact.

The brand did use Facebook along with other mediums to spread the word, but the approach on a fast-paced, emotionally-high  medium like Twitter was a cool one. I am quite impressed with the concept and execution that fit in the surprise element perfectly. Leveraging a video format for storytelling always has a stronger impact, and this one told a story in real-time. Besides, it is a social media win when a brand chooses a real person from the community as opposed to a pre-made video that features a stranger.

#aWomanWants is a clever CSR campaign on the right network. What do you think?