Creative Watch: 2017 Valentine’s Day visuals & gifs

A random list of the most interesting Valentine's Day visuals and gifs of 2017 that connected the spirit of the occasion with the brand ethos

Valentine's Day 2017

Come February and one feels a certain freshness in the air. There is love everywhere. Or rather our social media feeds. Brands are more enthusiastic about how we spend Valentine’s day with our partner than we are.The accompanying days to the countdown: Hug Day, Kiss day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Propose Day, Flowers Day and what-have-you left out, may all have been conceived as a result of the collective conspiracy by brand marketing managers. But, let us not play spoilsport here, and let’s unite to celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

This year, nearly all brands associated themselves with the essence of love, be it the auto, online marketplace or IT sector. Love was found everywhere. Visuals in the form of adorable, witty graphics or gifs have formed a major chunk of brands’ visual stories this year. Several brands hosted contests throughout the day, while a few played cupid for singles. ‘Love’ became a universal talking point for all brands.

We have here, a list of the interesting Valentine’s Day visuals and gifs of 2017 that connected well with the spirit of the occasion and the brand ethos.


Now you know how the bottle is juiced!

Intel India

The connected world indeed needs more acts of love.


A sip of water… err Bisleri is all what you need to clear your mind.

Truly Madly

The dating app adds a touch of reality to our times.


Titan Eyeplus

True love has been framed forever in this animated story by the


The hyperlocal delivery app bets on puns again!

Dell India

For the love of tech, Dell gets funky creative with ‘ValenTech’!


It’s all about spreading dazzling smiles for this gum brand.


We second that: it’s all about who you travel with.

US Fresh Fruits India

There’s another fruity pun by the fruit company.


A simple and adorable one by the matrimonial site.


Food apps can indeed play cupid!


The lingerie maker pitches its latest campaign alongside a Valentine message fit for all sizes.

Mad Over Donuts

The donut maker adds some Sheeran magic.

Tinder India

The visual says it all.

Niryas Foods

The dairy brand tries to weave in brand values in each of its countdown visuals to Valentine’s Day.

Foster’s India

Everybody needs extra cold refreshment.


The men’s grooming brand makes its point.

Animal Planet

For pigeon pairs, everyday is Valentine’s Day.


Sprite’s bade-chote show you how to chill this Valentine’s Day.


Falling in love with ‘things’ is also a thing! Good one by the online store.

Ford India

For those in love with driving, there’s love to be found on roads.


Yeah, i know many who are ‘in a relationship’ with food.

OLX India

For the online used goods marketplace, Valentine’s Day is all about breaking up with things you loved… once upon a time!


Simplicity and wit in the same visual. Nice copy!


The watch maker will make animated versions of your own love story!


India’s first all-in-one app works for you so you can be free to enjoy the special moments in your relationship.

Cornetto India

The ice cream brand indulged in a series of witty love themed visuals.

Disney India

The magical storytellers have it all planned perfectly.


It’s a tangy love story here.

Gionee India

The love for selfies makes couples go round.

Cafe Coffee Day

The coffee chain indulged in some ‘food love’ contest throughout the day with adorable visuals.


Your body organs need some loving too.


The retail chain has been on a spree urging folks to break up with the old stuff.

Do share your favourites from this list.