Creative Network Touchtalent Has Launched Its Business Model With Professional Studios

TouchTalent, a global community of creative people with users from 180 countries and a social reach of 13 Million has launched its business model with Professional Studios in August.

Touchtalent Proffesional Studios

Touchtalent is a global community of artists where they can feature their artworks, share them with the community and appreciate the creations of others. Co-founded in July 2012 by Ankit Prasad, the platform with users from 180 countries and a social reach of 13 million has recently launched its business model with Professional Studios.

Touchtalent Proffesional Studios

Sharing about the need for the new feature, Ankit enlightened that the platform attracts a whole bunch of creative people and according to Touchtalent’s estimate there are 140 million artists who on an average create 56 artworks in a year, taking the cumulative number to around 8 billion artwork in a year. He further adds that,

“We felt there is a huge business opportunity if we get the entire artwork online and display it in a structured format for art buyers; with this objective we launched Professional Studios for artists.”

‘Professional Studios’ has received a positive response due to its advanced features like online art gallery (shop), virtual studio, auction house, access to buyers and payment gateway services, sponsored visibility, and others which appeal to professional artists. However, the new feature comes with an introductory price of $5 per month but paid annually.

Going further the startup wishes to undertake the launch of Brand Pages in November 2013. Ankit confirmed that he has already partnered with few brands and they would be revealed by November. In fact the founder had given a hint of the same while we had done an interview in the month of April.  With a big grin on his face, he had shared that,

“We are partnering with channel partners/brands to have a presence on the website and have two-way interactions with the community. This will generate ample opportunities for our artists as well as enough value for brands.

With the expected launch of the Brand Pages in the coming future, the startup that generated 7000 buying requests, 2000 hiring requests and 4 global online exhibitions for its creative community in the last one year, plans to break even in this financial year.

With features like Professional Studios and Brand Pages coming in November, Touchtalent which is not only a creative platform but also a marketplace of creative people, has a good possibility of touching its expected user base of 18M by 2015.