Creating A Social Media Presence For Genex Logistics (B2B Case Study)

A B2B Case study of Genex Logistics, a logistics solutions provider on how they are adopting social media to build their brand online.

Genex Logistics, a logistics solutions provider is a year old start-up. Out of the many challenges that lay in the path of start-ups, ‘branding’ forms a vital deciding factor to its growth. Genex Logistics needed to build an online identity to address the various stakeholders and so zeroed in on social media as the chosen channel for branding. Here, we present the case study on how Genex Logistics managed to build their brand through social media, in association with social media agency, Turning Trends.

Identified social media objectives:

  1. To create awareness about Genex in international markets, which would help generate leads in near and long term.
  2. To remain connected with employees, close stakeholders and other distant stakeholders in the country.
  3. To exhibit thought leadership in the supply chain & logistics management domain.

Implementing SlideShare for sharing insightful content:

The primary objective on SlideShare has been to share case studies, i.e. insights from Genex projects in the form of case studies that would be helpful for stakeholders and the supply chain community at large. Some of the case studies have received more than 1,000 views and have been downloaded by many. SlideShare also hosts  few knowledge resource content relevant to the industry. The following is the data for SlideShare and you can find Genex Logistics on SlideShare here.

SlideShare data
SlideShare data

Leveraging the power of Facebook for building awareness and connections:

Facebook is primarily being used to create awareness about the brand amongst a national audience. Secondly, it has been a relevant platform to remain connected with employees who work from various locations across the country. Informative content in the form of images, videos, blogposts from third party sources, etc. is also shared.

On the low engagement numbers on Facebook, Mansingh Jaswal, Director, Genex Logistics said, “Though the engagement on Facebook has been below par than expected, the learning has been that fans in this industry have extended work hours and are hardly Facebook savvy. So, achieving high engagement is a herculean task, but we want to remain present on Facebook with focus on the long term strategy”.

You can find Genex Logistics on Facebook  here. Although the wall has excellent updates on the supply chain and logistics industry, it would be highly beneficial if the brand posted more of the happenings at Genex. Using Facebook to express your social side rather than  the knowledge you possess in the domain, may help in raising the engagement bar.

Applying Twitter as the channel for information gathering and distribution:

On Twitter, the brand (@genexlogistics) has mostly acted as an information aggregator and disseminator of informative content and the latest happenings in supply chain and logistics industry on an international scale. The brand has built its follower base organically since September, 2011 by tweeting informative blogposts, latest news, thought provoking presentations from Slideshare, videos from YouTube, etc. The following is the Genex Twitter data:

Twitter data
Twitter data

Creating a company page on Linkedin to promote services:

A LinkedIn Page has been created too. Here the brand has listed their services and recommendations received  from their clients. The brand also shares blogposts and industry news on the LinkedIn Page.

On being asked why not an active Genex blog? Mansingh said, ‘We haven’t taken blogging seriously due to lack of sufficient resources. We do have some plans in place for blogging. You will see our blog active very soon”. I am absolutely glad that Genex plans to tell their story through a blog, because stories play the emotional part in branding.  A company blog would be the most crucial aspect of  its online branding strategy. The various stakeholders are always on the lookout to know about the daily happenings in your company rather than about your mission, values, team, etc. I believe an active company blog by Genex would achieve most of the earlier mentioned objectives and serve as the final masterstroke!

We also had this burning query regarding the prominent challenges for an Indian B2B on social media, given that social media effectiveness is usually misconstrued in the B2B aspect. Mansingh shares from his experience, that is summarized below:

  • Indian B2B organizations need to understand that social media is not just about lead generation. They need to understand the scope and relevance of branding (both corporate and employer) and exhibit thought leadership. They need to invest sufficient resources to come up with “relevant”, “informative” and “viral” content that would help them build their brand and also make themselves prominent on social media channels.
  • Also, lack of awareness about social media across organization needs to be enhanced substantially. Every employee is a knowledge resource in B2B setting, organizations need to empower them to share their knowledge through channels like Slideshare, Blogs, YouTube, etc., which would actually benefit organizations in long term and also help employees in their personal branding.

Social media for a B2B isn’t quite apart from social media for a B2C, as building relationships is not confined to customers alone; you need to bond with other stakeholders as well. We wish Genex Logistics the very best in building  a robust image in the logistics industry.

What do you think about the online branding strategy adopted by Genex Logistics? Do you have more inputs for a B2B on social media?