Crash the Pepsi IPL: Pepsi Invites Consumers To Create Ads For IPL8

Crash the Pepsi IPL, the India edition of the global Pepsi Challenge is inviting consumers to create 30-second commercials that will be aired during the IPL8


Pepsi has relaunched its iconic campaign – the Pepsi Challenge and this time the challenge is in with the new generation. This time the global campaign integrates social responsibility with popular culture on social media. The yearlong promotion has signed on Usher, Serena Williams and Usain Bolt to recruit consumers to participate in a series of challenges meant for the social media generation. In addition it has also signed on Jerome Jarre, a bonafide star on social networks like Vine and Snapchat.

Every month, Pepsi “ambassadors” will use social media to issue a new challenge — many of which blend social responsibility with popular culture — that encourages consumers to “do something different.” All the challenges will focus on social media in some way, and they could involve technology, music or sports. Read more here.

At the India level, Pepsi has blended cricket with user creativity to launch – Crash the Pepsi IPL, where it is inviting consumers to make a 30-second commercial showing their love for Pepsi. The winning entries will be aired during IPL 8 – Indian Premier League season 8 for which Pepsi is the title sponsor. The winner will also receive a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh.

Crash the Pepsi IPL

Pepsi has launched an ad to invite people to make ads. The 35-second ad film features Pepsi brand ambassadors Ranbir Kapoor and Virat Kohli in a hilarious script where a family teaches them how to make an ad.


The ad drives viewers to the dedicated website Crash the Pepsi IPL created for the campaign. One can access the ad brief and the do’s and dont’s for creating the ad. But the most interesting provision on the website is the Pepsi Tool kit replete with essential resources to make the ad:  Painter Babu for the brand logos, Music Da for the official soundtrack, Camera Boss for the video clips, Sound Anna for SFX sounds like bongo, pour, last sip, etc., and Idea Guru for ideas.

Crash the Pepsi IPL has been creating buzz through the brand’s social media assets. It ran a contest on Twitter asking users to share their idea for the next Pepsi ad with the hashtag #PepsiAdInATweet. The winning entries could win passes to the YouTube festival. A glance through #PepsiAdInATweet brings up some interesting ad ideas.

Nothing like user generated content

Crash the Pepsi IPL is a smart move by the aerated drinks brand, one that connects with the new age millennials and provides them with an opportunity to showcase their creativity. The benefits of a user generated campaign are one too many - for one, a campaign like this lets consumers be a part of the brand story (Read also: The 11 Best Content Co-Creation Campaigns Of 2014). It also gives fans and creative folks an opportunity to add their own associations with the brand; they can also re-interpret Pepsi in the way they want. Moreover, Pepsi would have a ton of 30-second commercials created by enthusiastic fans, which it can use for further marketing and promotions.

The incentives associated with the contest is also in line with the target group. Which youngster wouldn’t want to have his creation to air on television during the IPL? Cash prizes and YouTube festival passes are a good addition to reach out to the youth.