How brands are brightening up our Mondays with cool #MondayMotivation visuals and gifs

Indian brands are taking their visual content marketing seriously, their #MondayMotivation visuals and gifs are well aligned with brand tone and personality

Garfield mondaymotivation

Mondays! The most loathed day of the week. The longest day of the week. The uphill journey to the Sunday. Monster Monday, Manic Monday. Bloody Monday. Monday is hated so much for no fault of its own. Most of us have come to believe that Monday Morning Disorder is a real condition, and needs to be granted a sick leave. Someone asked Monday, ‘Why do you come so quickly? Don’t you have a hobby?’

Garfield hates Mondays too, and went on to become the most loved cat of the century. His ‘Monday face’, in all probability, is what inspired Grumpy cat. And she is an internet celebrity now, with her own grumpy wax statue at Madame Tussauds!

Buddha once said, “Do not dwell in the weekend, do not dream of the next weekend, concentrate your mind on the present,” to a roomful of aspiring disciples on a Monday morning discourse. OK. He didn’t say that, but he would have had he been taking his lectures in the times we live in.

There’s another way to look at Mondays, too. Life coaches train our minds to love Mondays, to love life is to love what you do, and to love what you do, you should fall in love with Mondays, they say. ‘Monday Motivation’ has become a thing, a kind of injection most of us need to survive the week.

The phenomenon is so widespread on the social web that one hashtag is sure to trend every Monday – #MondayMotivation. Every pundit worth his gyan is doling out some Monday inspiration quotes. And, then there are the funny quotes too. Whichever way you look at Monday, there’s a status, a one-liner or a picture to remind you that you need some #MondayMotivation to get by the day. What’s more, a Twitter handle called @MotivatorMonday is dedicated to spreading Monday motivation.

For brands #MondayMotivation is a clever tag to join in the conversations, and while at it plug in some brand love too.  Coffee brands convince you that a cup of coffee is all you need to fuel your Monday, tea brands tell you the secret to a smooth sailing Monday is a cuppa in the morning, chocolate makers tell you chocolate can cure everything including your Monday morning disorder. From candy makers to smartphone makers, every brand has a #MondayMotivation to perk up the day.

Here, we’ve listed brands that take both their Mondays and their visual content marketing seriously. Their  #MondayMotivation visuals and gifs are well aligned with brand tone and personality.

Vodafone Zoozoos

The adorable zoozoos never fail to bring a smile to your face.

Pulse candy

The candy that’s the nation’s favourite at the moment shares cool Monday morning mantras.


Some food for thought for Einstein and the rest of us, by one of the quirkiest restaurant search apps in the world.

Center Fresh India

The mouth freshening gum is all about puns and some brand love.

Woo app

The dating app shows you exactly how to welcome your Monday.


The local search engine helps you see the bright side of Monday!


The food app believes pizza is all you need to find happiness on a Monday

Star Plus India

The Hindi GEC does a Nelson Mandela with Ram, for its Ramayan epic series.

Star Movies India

The movie channel empathizes with Monday haters, brings about engagement while promoting its Select HD.

Dell India

Dell need not look any further for its Monday motivation quotes.

Costa Coffee

Coffee can save your Monday, they forgot to add the hashtag though!

Vivo India

All you need is a Vivo phone to chin up and beat Monday blues, good ones from Vivo.


A fitness freak grandfather is an inspiring sight to see.

Samsung Mobile India

Samsung bets on Mandela magic to fuel your Monday.

Samsung India

And Samsung India tells you to do the right thing.

Philips Sound

The maker of music listening devices wants us to run to the beat. Pokemon hunters can take a walk!


The online marketplace resorts to an inspiring thought from America’s most influential President, Abraham Lincoln. It also makes it fun.

Tata Group

One of the most inspiring brands in the country and the top most valued brands chooses to spread inspiration using a quote from a former President of the US, and a very influential entrepreneur.


The ecommerce major that rose to popularity by selling books online, takes inspiration from Paulo Coelho’s classic.

VH1 India

The channel vibes well with its English music lovers.

Red Chillies Entertainment

Shah Rukh’s production house need not go any further than his characters on film.


The online media brand chose to go fresh in its #MondayMotivation with the strongest lady in Indian cinema – Zohra Sehgal.

Yash Raj Films

The production company sees no further than its latest releases. This is a dialogue from Salman-starrer Sultan.

OnePlus India

The smartphone brand is forever emphasizing its motivating tagline ‘Never Settle’.

Nikon India

The camera company has interesting ‘shutter quotes’ to perk up Mondays of its photography enthusiasts.

Animal Planet India

The channel that brings us closer to the animal world keeps it witty and inspiring.

Be it Mondays, mid-week days or weekends, visual content always bring you the desired engagement. Studies have proven the fact that social media updates with images, gifs and videos are more likely to be liked, shared and commented upon. For a brand, #MondayMotivation offers the right time to hike up its engagement score organically, and while at it, spread some brand love on social media.

Have you come across brands engaging smartly around #MondayMotivation, do share them with us.