‘Cook Different’ Facebook Contest By Maggi Hot & Sweet

About the 'Cook Different' Facebook contest by Nestle India to promote the Maggi hot & sweet sauce

Maggi Hot & Sweet sauce has launched the ‘Cook different’ contest on the Nestlé India Facebook, where fans can win gift hampers and more.

Indians love their food and even more so during the monsoons. Come monsoons and a bevy of mouth-watering snacks waft through the whole of India. And what’s with the little accompaniment of the most popular sauce ‘Maggi’ to compliment it!

Remember the tagline ‘It’s Different!” from yesteryears and you know its Maggi hot & sweet sauce we are talking about. Playing along the same tagline, Maggi hot & sweet sauce has launched the ‘Cook Different’ contest on their Facebook page. All you have to do is share whatever makes your cooking ‘different’ and you could win a Nestlé gift hamper and a personalised note from Jaaved Jaffrey!

When I clicked on the app at the Family Nestlé Facebook page, a big thumbs-up sign said to ‘like’ the page. The ‘cook different’ contest is open only for the fans. Once you click on ‘enter now’, you are welcomed by a big input box, where you can enter that special ingredient or style that makes your cooking so different. Click on ‘submit’ once you are done.


What happens then is interesting – A bottle with your profile picture and name is displayed, which you can then publish, share, download or make as profile picture! As with all good community-oriented apps, you can always view the gallery. The gallery has a search feature that enables you to search for stories based on the name.

Terms & Conditions are found in the app itself. Also, the app allows you to skip the initial permissions, allowing you full control of what you want to share.

How different is ‘Cook different’?

The app is just like any other well-designed app and has undergone the steps towards integrating the objective with the functionality. Here are a few things we can observe:

1. ‘Cook different’ is a like campaign: As I said, you have to like the page before the app enables the contest for you. Contests built around increasing your fan count is a good thing since you need numbers for engaging with. But make sure to have relevant fans that gel with your product. In that sense, the ‘cook different’ contest is a smart one by Family Nestlé.

2. ‘Cook different’ is appealing and simple to use: An app is meant to be used by plain old Facebook users, so it better be simple to work around with. I found the app quite appealing in its brand colours and design and the well-laid out instructions. Moreover, it was easy to navigate back and forth.

Terms & Conditions can be found attached to the app itself. Besides, it was good fun to scroll through the ‘gallery’ and not have to see ‘featured entries’ or votes or anything that could offend the community.

3. ‘Cook different’ makes use of ‘sharing’: What use is it if you are on a social network like Facebook and do not make use of its sharing features? And this app gives you many options after you share your story - you can publish it, share it, download it or make it your profile picture! In short, you own a little part of the brand.

Needless to say, the app has all the makings of one that has spent a good amount of time on the drawing board. Family Nestlé was running the ‘Cook & click’ contest some time back, Currently, it is also running the ‘Sauce ka Saathi’ contest, where you can share pictures of the snack you’ve prepared that go with the two types of sauces made by the brand. But, here the brand proposition is slightly different - you have to register at the website to be able to participate.

It is a good approach to tying up the Facebook community with your website and helps build awareness as well as introduce your community to a whole lot of features that you couldn’t showcase on Facebook.

Somewhere on the Maggi noodles Facebook page titled ‘Meri Maggi’, fans are sharing their Maggi moments with ‘Share your Maggi moments‘ contest. Brand Nestlé looks all set to bring about a massive fan engagement and a healthy community.

What do you think of ‘Cook different’? Is there anything different the brand could have done?