#5050Feeling: Inside the IPL8 Content Strategy For Britannia 50:50

Britannia 5050, an RCB sponsor has launched #5050Feeling to connect with IPL fans during RCB matches, here we take a look at how content has played a major role in the campaign


According to industry executives, the biscuit market is worth roughly Rs.24,000 crore currently. Though companies don’t disclose market share figures, some analysts estimate that Parle is the market leader with a 33-35% share, while Britannia has roughly 27-30%.

Saddled with bloated portfolios, these companies are now trying to adopt the lean brand portfolio approach. Along with Parle, Britannia which has 13 biscuit brands, has identified five so-called power brands—Good Day, NutriChoice, Tiger, 50:50 and Marie Gold—around which the company will lead its innovation and marketing efforts.

To launch innovative marketing efforts for the sweet and salted biscuit “50:50”, Britannia, a sponsor of Royal Challengers Bangalore sensed the ongoing IPL as the perfect launch pitch for its digital furor. At the heart of it, the brand launched a mainline campaign with a communication that projected the 50:50 madness. The 30-second Dancer TVC starts with RCB players talking about the values of the game but they leave the shoot in the middle because of their busy schedule. A dancer comes in to complete the rest of the TVC and maintains the balance of 50 ad and 50 madness.

Extending the mainline campaign objective on digital, the brand worked with Mumbai based digital agency Experience Commerce. The brand name 50:50 led the initial thought process behind the ‪#‎5050Feeling campaign on digital informed Rahul Sengupta, Account Manager at Experience Commerce. “IPL matches are always about mixed feelings. For example: let’s say you are a Bengali based out in Bangalore. AB de Villiers is your favourite player but you support KKR. So a fan is bound to have mixed feelings and we wanted to capitalize on these mixed 50:50 feelings. This finally gave birth to #5050Feeling.”

At the heart of the digital campaign is a microsite that is the hub of content aggregation. Meanwhile fans on social media were asked to share their 50:50 feeling with the brand and the best entries could get a chance to party with the RCB players in Bangalore. “The objective was to keep it simple as it was a conversation starter. 50:50 feeling could mean anything, it doesn’t have to relate with cricket or even with RCB. It could be a 50:50 feeling from work or personal life or for that matter anything,” added Rahul, explaining the idea behind #‎5050Feeling.

The campaign thought process might look like a no-brainer to a few but the major pillar of the #5050Feeling campaign has been content.

Content creation initially started with the RCB players where short 15-second videos were created; these acted as conversation starters on social media. For instance the below video starts with a serious note where the players are talking about winning and doing it together but at the end the players are doing what cheerleaders are best at.

With frequent matches and travel, shooting more such interesting videos with RCB players wasn’t possible. So to keep the engagement going, the brand roped in new age content creators who are not only popular for their funny content but also drive a strong influence on social media.

Content creators like Naveen Richard, Karan Talwar, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, among others were roped in. The idea was to again create 13-15 second web only video content and spread it across social media so that becomes the conversation point before every RCB match. For instance the below 15 second video talks about the horrible reverse sweep and later we see a guy cleaning the floor with a reverse sweep action.

In another video we get to see Karan Talwar talking about the big day but finally it is all about hogging food. Clearly reflecting the essence of the mainline idea – 50 ad and 50 madness.

Social media has been majorly used for promoting the videos, website and conducting Twitter contests to keep the engagement going. Besides Facebook and Twitter have also been used for sharing some interesting visuals, GIFs and hosting all the videos in addition to Instagram.

In addition to reaching out to fans, social media was also used to reach out to targeted influencers who helped #5050Feeling gain the required reach. Cricket buffs like Gautam Bhimani, cartoonist Gaurav Sethi and Apoorv Sood commonly known as Trendulkar on Twitter, among others were roped in to boost reach.

With a few more matches to go, the brand has plans to produce some more video content for the #5050Feeling campaign. “Content has been the key in this campaign and the cumulative number of videos and other content tells us that we have done well. The idea was to create short and easy to consume videos because the target was also on the mobile audience. Mobile users are dominating the market and reaching out to them with the 50:50 feeling was a challenge and we have done enough to reach out to them.”