9 Valentine’s Day Campaigns Totally Driven By Awesome Content

The content marketing space was not only ruled by dating apps, chocolate makers and e-tailers, but other brands capitalized on Valentine's Day, too, with a gamut of witty gifs, ecards & more

Valentine's Day campaigns

Content rules! If we could lay down all the pieces of content floating on the social web, I can safely estimate it to cover our planet 10 times over. But the number could be far greater were it not for visual content, a picture can say a thousand words, remember?

It is pretty impressive to see more and more Indian brands investing heavily in visual content – cute doodles, animated gifs, funny memes, cinemagraphs and more. (How Gifs Help Brands Tell Stories One Frame At A Time.)

This Valentine’s Day has been made memorable with a strong whiff of visual content. Brand marketers are increasingly conducive to the idea of visual content marketing. Not only were we treated to some cool Valentine’s Day videos this year, we also relished adorable visuals and gifs speaking the language of love.

But that’s not all! Brands have ideated entire campaigns driven solely by content this year – so the always-on, social savvy consumer is treated to not just one single picture, gif or video, but a gamut of awesome visuals and gifs. While some content marketing is serving well being tied with the brand communication, a few are designed to drive their Valentine’s Day offerings. The space was not only ruled by dating apps, chocolate makers and e-tailers, but other brands also capitalized on Valentine’s Day:

Flipkart Gif Delivery

One of India’s largest e-commerce company took to the business of delivering gifs, not gifts! The brand built a microsite housing 50 gifs for different kinds of love, and you can choose any and send it to the person it reminds you of. There are adorable gifs capturing the little moments of love in our everyday lives, and there’s one for everyone – a mother, a single friend, a special someone, a BFF, a cat person and more.

Along with gif deliveries, the microsite is also driving sales for its Valentine’s Day gifts and gift cards.

Penguin Books India #LoveInOtherWords

The home for everybody’s favourite books played at puns this Valentine’s Day. The publisher has shared a series of ‘punny’ Valentine visuals under its hashtag #LoveInOtherWords.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk #SayItWithSilk

The premium chocolate brand from Mondelez India was all out with its flagship Valentine campaign #SayItWithSilk that enabled couples to express their love to each other. It also launched its limited edition personalized chocolate bars. From a giant on-ground activation at a mall to a digital platform that created personalized videos, #SayItWithSilk harvested the season of love this year too. On the microsite, one needed to answer a few questions like what their partner means to them, select appropriate stickers and submit along with email id. The video is shareable on social media as well as downloadable.

Adorable visuals and gifs were used to amplify the social reach, and drive more people to visit the microsite and ‘say it with silk’.

Tinder India #SwipeRight

Tinder India’s #SwipeRight got a boost this Valentine’s Day with little tales of love. The dating app has been sharing Terribly Tiny Tales’ tweet-sized love stories on its social media channels since beginning of February. Along with its association with The Viral Fever, #SwipeRight involved a Valentine’s night too.

TrulyMadly #UnSingle

Dating app TrulyMadly teamed up with Starbucks for a Valentine date for couples. Taking its ‘#unsingle’ thought further were these crazy, witty visuals shared on social media.

Woo ‘Let’s Talk’

Matchmaking app, Woo made a smart move this Valentine’s with ‘Let’s Talk’ video series. The idea being to build awareness about its QuestionCast feature that lets one ask the right questions to understand a person better. It shot a candid video with a few guys where they’ve answered questions like: What is romance to you?, When did you last cry?, What turns you on?, etc.

The videos were released as a series of episodes, while doodles and visuals from the video served to pique interest in Let’s Talk.

Practo #HealthyBreakups

Practo, the app to find the right doctors for your problems, indulged in some fun brand awareness visuals this Valentines’ Day. It has sought to educate consumers on some of the unhealthy habits they can break up with using #HealthyBreakups. Cute doodles shared the message of breaking up with your favorite food/drinks to ensure you live a longer, healthier life. Folks have also been invited to share about the healthy breakups they made this Valentine.

Practo HealthyBreakups

Oyo Rooms #NoRoomForHate

This Valentine’s Day, budget hotel chain Oyo Rooms embarked on a massive social message campaign - #NoRoomforHate. A short video highlights the importance of making room for peace, understanding, tolerance, happiness, togetherness, expression, progressive thinking, privacy, positivity, love and not hate. It also got people to share posters proclaiming their love for something or belief in something, but no hatred for its opposing belief.

Urban Ladder #FurnLove

Urban Ladder, the online furniture and home decor company, rolled out a bunch of really witty cupid approved furn-loving ecards this Valentine’s. Minimalist posters made witty puns on furniture.

Rich in relevancy and storytelling, content has played a major role in these Valentine’s Day campaigns. Not only have these brands made a creative attempt to connect and engage with the new age consumer, but also cleverly aligned their business goals alongside, without looking salesy!