Congress VP Rahul Gandhi Wants His Party Men To Debate On Social Media In Respectable Manner

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi wants to apply brakes on its shrill social media wars and instead would like party managers to debate in a respectable manner.


Social media especially Twitter is a war zone for the Indian politicians. With the general elections coming closer both parties - Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party have been effective enough to show their hatred on social media too. However, the Gandhi scion, Rahul Gandhi has urged his party managers to debate in a respectable manner on social media, reports HT.

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Addressing the party spokespersons at the social media workshop which was recently held in the capital, Rahul made it clear that – “party’s social media presence should reflect love and truth and the debates are to be based on reasons and bhaichaara (brotherhood).” The workshop witnessed more than 300 members with 5 from each state of the country, and was a first of its kind workshop which trained the spokespersons on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

This is not the first instance when the probable Congress candidate for PM has emphasized on being respectful on social media. Recently he had emphasized to party spokespersons to “speak positive” as national elections draw closer. He stated this while inaugurating a Congress media conclave held recently in Delhi. The two day workshop saw around 200 delegates attending it.

Later he also banned party leaders from saying anything without an all-clear from two coordinators and that too 24 hours in advance before releasing it to the media. This would mean that every leader from the Congress party has to get permission from the coordinators – Deepak Amin and SV Ramani. Apparently, anyone flouting the new norm will face action.

Recent incidents have forced the party not only to train spokesperson but also list the dos and don’ts of party spokespersons on social media. The party was in an embarrassing situation after former Minister of State Govt of India for Home, Communication and Information Technology and present General Secretary for the Congress, Shakeel Ahmad tweeted what the NIA had stated in its charge sheet – that the terror outfit Indian Mujahideen was formed after the Gujarat riots.

The tweet that was directed to the BJP and Narendra Modi’s camp was picked up by the media and made headlines. The issue trended on Twitter and BJP again got a chance to play with the reputation of Congress online.

However, I’m not sure if these new rules apply to senior leaders like Digvijaya Singh, who not only has a big mouth on all mediums but even supported Shakeel Ahmad’s controversial tweet. It would be interesting to see if the party is seen taking actions against spokespersons who fail to follow the set protocol on social media.

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