Congress Plans To Tweet And Upload Rahul Gandhi’s Rally Videos In Real Time. Modi Effect?

Congress would be tweeting parts of the speech and uploading the video snippets on social media in real time when Rahul Gandhi addresses two rallies in Uttar Pradesh on October 30.


Election campaigning in our country is in full swing. Both the major parties Congress and BJP are holding rallies every other day and doing their best to influence voters. While social media may not draw voters to the voting booth but it is a tool that cannot be avoided. So the Indian National Congress party - which had a roller coaster ride in adopting social media - has come up with an idea to tweet parts of the speech and upload the video snippets on social networking sites in real time, when party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi addresses two rallies in Uttar Pradesh on October 30.

As reported by the Indian Express, a special IT team from Delhi, along with a media-center would be part of Rahul Gandhi’s rallies to take place in Raath area in Hamirpur district of Bundelkhand region and Salempur under Deoria district in eastern UP. Besides this social media teams that are already camping for Congress and Rahul Gandhi when he goofs up, would also be camping at the rally venues to upload the key points of Rahul Gandhi’s speech on to social networking sites.

Rahul gandhi social media

Detailing more about the preparation that is going on for the same, a party leader added,“While parts of the speech would be tweeted immediately, videos would be shared on social networking sites. Since, both the rallies have been planned on school ground, we are planning to create the infrastructure in one room each for the time being. Final decision would be taken after teams arrive from Delhi.”

Narendra Modi effect?

There is no doubt that Congress has struggled to beat BJP on social media. One may debate that Narendra Modi has fake fans but one can’t debate the man’s intent in adopting technology and connecting with fans on social media. Over the time he has build his presence so strong that today whenever he goes for a rally, it starts trending in the virtual world a day before!

While it is trending, Narendra Modi’s personal account on Facebook and Twitter shares all details of the live streaming and required information about the rally. So that not only people are aware of Modi’s activities but it receives greater reach. Once the event is over, pictures from the event are shared, best of the tweets are curated and even videos are shared too. With all this, we can’t forget the plethora of live tweeting by his supporters from the event as well as the ones sitting online. With all mediums in place, the reach sets a new benchmark every time with a new rally.

Compare this to the Congress camp. They don’t have the same planning like Modi for spreading the rally activities online. The PM candidate from Congress first of all has no personal presence on social media and I would doubt if he wishes to have one now. Congress does have a loyal army on Twitter like BJP but that’s it. No one knows what has happened in the Congress rally unless the Gandhi scion has stated something wrong, sacrificing his online reputation. Live tweeting is done by his supporters too but then it is not that organised and most of the time it is to save Rahul’s online reputation.

This move, despite being too late, reflects Modi’s effect and growing popularity on social media. Besides, the Aam Aadmi Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal, who himself is quite active on Twitter as his digital team, not only has a complete online strategy whenever Arvind is out for a rally but they synch it up really well to reach out to a greater online audience.

It would be interesting to see how the live activity synchs up with Rahul Gandhi’s upcoming online rallies. Will his genuine thoughts trend or his senseless comments?